President Obama's War on Farmers: Why He, Not Paul Ryan Wants to Prevent Them from Doing Their Job

Well, as long as the president doesn’t take his message to California he should be fine. You see the EPA who I assume has 100% support from Mr. Obama have been at war with California farmers for quite some time. It has something to do with a little fish, and something about regulating the water supply needed for farmers to maintain their crops; no big deal because Paul Ryan hates farmers outside of the state of California so focus on that.

This shouldn’t be funny but it is, you know everything that Mr. Obama has accused Paul Ryan of doing to the middle class, Mr. Obama has actually done to the middle class. He accuses Paul Ryan of cutting Medicare, the president actually cut 700 billion dollars from Medicare. He is now accusing Paul Ryan of hurting farmers by blocking a farm bill, when in reality the president and the Environmental Protection Agency have been waging this water war with farmers in California since 2009. Worst of all I think is the economic record of the president, you know he doesn’t have the comfort of pointing to a Clinton like economy or a Reagan recovery to cushion his argument against Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. If unemployment were 3.8% as oppose to the reverse, if 23 million people found work as oppose to the reverse being true, if 1.5 trillion dollars represented surplus instead of debt, if 15 trillion were the estimated value of the American economy as oppose to our projected deficit after 2016, then sure President Obama would have every reason to run on the idea that Republicans want to institute the failed policies of the past, because he would have a proven record to buffer his talking points.

Unfortunately for him, and more so for the less among us, his policies offer little in the way of greener grass on his side of the privacy fence. The president’s economic record is at best, at best mediocre and at worst one of the most damaging since FDR.

But back to the battle between Paul Ryan, farmers, Lisa Jackson and the EPA, President Obama, California farmers, Paul Rodriguez, and the Delta Smelt. Through the EPA the president has made it known to farmers in California that a little endangered pizza topping called the Delta Smelt is more important than growing food that feeds both the poor in America and the poor around the world.

All the while the president wants you to believe that he cares for the Delta Smelt, the farmers of America, and the poor, and the environment. But reasonable people know you can’t have it both ways. You can’t care about farmers and the Delta Smelt because you end up hurting farmers’ ability to do what farmers do best: FARM! by cutting their water supply in order to preserve an endangered species.

And look, we love animals we conservatives and libertarians aren’t anti-animal, but at the same time the earth isn’t our god, God is our god and he created the earth. The bible says we are to be stewards of the earth but in Genesis 1:25-27 it says: “And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good. And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”

God said over all the earth, that includes California; Delta Smelt be darned. So when the president talks about who cares for the poor and who doesn’t I’m sorry but with all due respect to Mr. Obama I’m afraid he’s not telling the whole story. While the man speaks his hand controls the leviathan that destroys the city. He is in effect a smiling face which hides contempt and irrational vendettas against man.

You see President Obama has a problem with man. Not men, not women, man, as in the human race. You see our father made man from his own image, as detailed in the book of Genesis when God created the world. God chose man as his chief creation, his most beloved creation and he gave man the earth. This very fact rubs regressives the wrong way, always has, and always will. They view mankind as the most destructive, backward, violent, and environmentally negligent burden the planet has ever known. All through the EPA there are people who would seek to promote animals and plants to an equal standing among the human race. As if, our father who created us all, fowl, beast, flower, and human was imperfect in his wisdom when he crafted existence.

The secular left seeks to correct what they truly believe are mistakes made by God. Mistakes made by God? The same God who spoke light where there was none? The same God who commanded life be where it had not been before? The same God who is not a man therefore he shall never lie? The same God who gave his only son to die for the sins of those in his time and of a time that had yet to come to pass? You mean the God who freed an entire nation through Moses? The God who made the Pharaoh profess that the God of slaves was the one true God?

I’m not sure how many people believe what I’m saying no matter how many facts I provide to prove my arguments. President Obama is using the most deceptive measures possible to preserve his true intentions for American farmers and for America should he reach a second term in office. Has there been a more destructive man to occupy the White House? Have we seen such a blatant violation of the unwritten bond between man, his hands, and the sweat of his brow? Farmers in California and elsewhere are responsible for the lives of people they don’t even know. I want you to realize that, they literally feed more people around the world than any other industrialized nation on earth.

He wants God’s work to be government work and all the while we exalt him and his many federal appendages. Protect animals and land at the expense of human beings because well, we’ve done enough harm right?

If you’re a farmer or you know a farmer you’re going to be worst off under our president’s continued war on American production if he’s reelected. He said he would cause the price of electricity to quote, “necessarily go up”, Vice President Biden said no more coal in America, the EPA has done thy bidding in coal states like West Virginia and as a result many of the folks Mr. Obama claims to represent are scraping the bottom of the barrel because coal mines are being heavily regulated with the purpose to shut them down under the pressure of the EPA. The EPA goes in, regulates and tries to create pressure points circumstances that force private coal companies into corners on standards and practice.

The president rejected one of the most expansive oil exploration projects with our great ally Canada when he opposed the pipeline. Millions of jobs in Nebraska and Oklahoma were nixed because he would have rather met the needs of radical environmental cults than middle class families in the Midwest.

But, if you want to believe that Paul Ryan is bad for farmers because somehow he’s powerful enough to be the only man, the only man mind you to prevent a farm bill from being passed then take the president at his word. But think about what the President Obama is saying: Paul Ryan has more power than he does. Despite the president signing more executive orders than any president in American history, despite him all but rendering the very concept of enumerated powers useless, despite his self appointed power to implement or ignore laws that had been established by both the executive and legislative branch, it’s Paul Ryan who holds all the power and discretion in Washington, not President Obama? I find that hard to believe, and I’m confident farmers will see through the smoke and mirrors and look west, toward their inevitable future if Mr. Obama is victorious this fall.

But don’t take my word for it, ask one of the president’s strongest supporters Paul Rodriguez who openly criticized the president because a lot of those farmers being hurt by the EPA were Hispanic. Yeah, we’ll see where the line is drawn if it comes down to a pizza topping or their livelihood. Fish are to be dipped in batter, eaten or kept in a bowl, not protected over farmers trying to make an honest living. Eh, let them eat fish food flavored cake.