They Really Don't Like Ted Cruz....Oh and He's Not Hispanic, or Latino He's Cuban, There's a Difference

I enjoyed watching the media twist and contort their emotions after Ted Cruz filed yet another win for the supposedly dead, dieing deceased, marginalized, irrelevant, lost, disbanded, broken up, extinct, gone, yesterday’s news Tea Party that was silenced and never to be heard from again. Remember the Tea Party? Hey yeah whatever happen to them? I used to love their one song, what was the name of that song?

No, the Tea Party is still around after they were suppose to flame out after the 2010 mid terms, then after Occupy Wall Street was suppose to surpass them as the next big and important movement of our time ever in foreverness and universe all time relevance fun yeah yeah go today’s youth, you go go!

Instead the Occupy movement seems to have flamed out faster than their Molotov cocktails. You don’t see Occupy Wall Street candidates running for office because well, the Communist Party can’t get on the ballot.

Ted Cruz is the latest of many Tea Party backed candidates to in a single swoop upset the apple cart, defeat an establishment candidate in his own party, and send the liberal media in the kind of fit you see during an exorcism (Spinning heads and all!)

It was especially bad on MNSBC, or NBCNEWS, whatever they call themselves these days. On Morning Breath New York Times columnist Gail Collins sounded the alarm as she painted the Tea Party as a bunch of anti-government bullies whose sole mission is to stop the flow of government..by eliminating it. She talked about how the Tea Party wants to get rid of programs people like. You know that’s always the same old rag with these folk. “Oh they want to get rid of programs the American people care about”. Yeah they want to get rid of them so badly that their desire to get rid of these programs have prevented them from actually doing it.

Then, predictably so and almost on queue they took the “Crazy” route by saying well, the Tea Party has this idea of America in their head that doesn’t actually exist, but it exists only in their minds. So the Tea Party is essentially a group of patriotic Americans with multiple personality disorder. Luckily Senator Tom Coburn, who was a guest on the show heard every thing the liberal panel said and he responded with facts and lectured the egghead circle jerk for not knowing what the Tea Party is really about.

Then on Hardball our favorite slobbering court jester Chris Matthews went on a tear over Ted Cruz’s victory. He hounded Max Pappas of Freedom Works and interrupted him whenever Max tried to answer his questions. How can someone have a show for as long as Matthews has had his show when they keep interrupting their guests? Has anyone figured that out over their? Could you imagine if Chris Matthews were an employer interviewing someone for a job?

“How did you find out about our company?”

“Well I–”

“Okay, no you’re not answering my question”

“How did you find out about our company?”

“I did a search on–”

“Sir this is Hardball, I’ll ask one more time”

The kicker though was when Matthews, because he wouldn’t be Chris Matthews if he didn’t tap into his weird sort of former alcoholic paranoid theory on race, went to the issues of ethnicity and how the Tea Party feels about race and the changing demographic. He threw out a disclaimer by saying he wasn’t suggesting anything about the Tea Party but perhaps they aren’t comfortable with the changing demographic. Max Pappas shot back with a clever rebuke: “Yeah, especially Hispanics like Ted Cruz”.

Chris Matthews snatched the award for “Most Head Scratching Comment of the Year” when he shot back: “No, no he’s Cuban-American and that’s always been a little different situation.”

Huh? the (bleep) he’s talking about? Is Ted Cruz a fake Hispanic, Latino? Someone please explain this to me because maybe I’m the crazy one or?

The real issue isn’t so much Ted Cruz, but the fact that he’s not a white guy. Let’s be real and call this card on the dot you feel me? The problem with Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Allen West, Tim Scott, Niki Haley, Susana Martinez, Brian Sandoval, and Bobby Jindal is that they’re not white. The left, and the media especially can’t stand the fact that the so called racist Tea Party has been the driving force behind the shall I say browning and blackening of the Republican Party (Yep, blackening, that’s what I said). We were told the GOP was a regional outfit from the south, yet what the media doesn’t understand is that we’ve elected minorities in those southern states:

South Carolina: Tim Scott, Niki Haley

Louisiana: Bobby Jindal

Florida: Allen West

Texas: Ted Cruz

They cannot make the argument that the GOP is racist or that Republicans won’t vote for minorities or women. That myth is hanging out with Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and the Yeti at Area 51 drinking beer and playing cards with a bunch of aliens.

Another wrinkle in the panties of the media is that the Tea Party is back. They know the Tea Party is starting to show up and at the wrong time for their man President Obama. You see the Tea Party is Romney’s army of freedom loving Americans who he needs in order to take the hill. The media started to believe their own lies about the Tea Party feeling disengaged over a Romney win during the primary. They told us the Tea Party wouldn’t be as enthusiastic over Romney because he didn’t embrace them like the other candidates.