"Michelle Bachmann Is A Fool"

You know I thought it was a telling display of established elitist Republican garble between Joe Scarborough and failed self labeled political genius Steve Schmidt on Morning Joe. Schmidt, best known for destroying the McCain/Palin campaign from behind the curtain called Michelle Bachmann a fool which I found to be very offensive and a punk move on his part.

Then Joe Scarborough shot off the elite’s “Go-to” list of Tea Party crazies, such as Allen West, Joe Wilson, and others. By the way you ever notice how, and maybe I’m the only one who notices this but you ever notice these guys only talk about Allen West when he’s not around but whenever he’s on their show they never say this stuff to his face? No one has ever called Allen West crazy or a right wing Tea party radical to his face. I say if you’re going to throw these comments around like hot steaming piles of dog matter then be man enough to invite Allen West on your show nobody watches and say “Allen West you’re nothing but a radical far right fool and you’re bad for the party”

They just went on talking about how this is bad for the party. These guys don’t care about the country or the principles of conservatism, they only care about the party and whether or not it makes the party look bad to their liberal friends and the nameless, shapeless group of Independent voters out there who would rather be pandered to and flirted with than led.

But ah, as they call Mrs. Bachmann a fool from their crumbling tower these increasingly hostile voices of weak kneed Republicanism with their Star Bucks coffee with low fat soy cream, sitting on cucumbers, the constant sucking sound of lips to private as they so tragically appease the heirarchy of modern liberalism within the media and the elite circles of Washington D.C. and New York.

They’re the type of people who you once called a friend yet as soon as you all made it to high school they suddenly stopped coming around because they found a new and more popular group of people to hang around with. Now in passing through the halls they either act as though you never existed when you try to say hi or they look at you with contempt. These people have proven themselves to be about as loyal as a hot girl after a one night stand; and just as shallow and willing.

After the 2008 campaign they immediately threw Gov. Palin under the bus to save their own rep and egos in the eyes of the liberal order, like a 17 year old desperate for the approval of the cheer leading squad they blamed their problems with the routine on the new girl as a way to escape the scorn and reticule of the head cheer leaders.

I guess it’ll take an act of God or perhaps further progressions into utter irrelevance before this crowd realizes just how out of touch and tuned out they are. Truth is no one listens to Steve Schmidt, no one takes Mark McKinnon or his No Labels movement serious, no one watches Morning Joe, except for me, but don’t judge me by my weird fetish, and no one finds a sense of inspiration and leadership from this group of C List celebrities.

The difference between these guys and Charles Krauthammer is that with Charles, his criticism of Palin and Bachmann never came off as snarky condescending lectures from tightly wound self centered jerks,as it does whenever Joe Scarborough and Steve Schmidt open their mouths to form sounds of muddled junk; I believe humans call it talking.

Sure Charles Krauthammer has his problems with Palin and Bachmann, and many others from the Tea Party wing but you know deep down he would never blame a defeat in battle on the troops. Whereas Scarborough, Schmidt and those like them quickly cut deals to side with the enemy; and always on queue.