The House that Obama Built: Man You So Built That

Mr. Obama let us know exactly how he feels about the builders and innovators in this country. The folks who take a chance, step out on faith (Psalm 91:2-“I will say of the Lord, he is my refuge and my fortress; my God in him will I trust), and pursue their ideas and creative intentions. According to our president he doesn’t think you built that. Why, the roads, federal grants, federal investment, that’s the reason why your small corner store is up and running today. Never mind the fact that, for at least the time being knowing this administration small business owners and prospective owners can seek loans through private means; such as credit unions and banks. But you see that’s not quite good enough for our president.

His contempt lies with the fact that we, or I should say some of us dare to help ourselves to the American dream. How dare we set aside a couple thousand each month while we’re working double shifts at the local diner or fast food restaurant. We take that money and we invest in an idea we’ve had for years. I’m thinking Mr. Obama only likes businesses that are no longer in business; anyone else get that feeling? I’m serious, it’s like he genuinely hates that people are being successful in spite of him. I happen to think that is kind of well, I don’t know, kind of scary. You know if they aren’t out of business or pandering to him in exchange for federal dollars then he either has no use for them, wants to sabotage them, talks bad about them, or discredits them.

I know regressives don’t believe in capitalism and the free market, and fine you know they have a different world view. And it’s one thing if the market based economic model had been historically and widely discredited as a proven failure in terms of growth, progress, and the advancement of basic human function; but it hasn’t. Regressives literally argue against reality and I mean just on sheer audacity alone you gotta give em some pound.

But the president said you small business owners didn’t build that business you own. With that, President Obama has managed to offend me on yet another front this year: First as a straight man by announcing his support for same sex marriage, then as a Christian by trying to stomp on the religious freedoms of the Catholic Church, then as a black man by continuing to take the black vote for granted, now as the son of a small business owner and self made man by saying small business owners didn’t build their businesses. My dad who is now with the Lord literally went from dirt roads and biscuits for lunch as a youngster growing up in Rolling Fork, Mississippi to making something of himself as a small business owner in the 80s.

When I say dirt roads and biscuits I mean seven children in a small home with an outhouse instead of a bathroom. I’m talking “po”, couldn’t afford the second “o” or the “r”. My dad’s childhood makes Mr. Obama’s childhood look like Richie Rich. My dad told me one time some years back where they grew up at night it was pitch black because they didn’t have street lights where they lived. You’re talking about the deep south during the 1950s and 1960s.

As for saying people who work hard don’t really work as hard as others, let me tell you something. This mentality comes from the black liberal echo chamber still hung up on how this mysterious white guy in a black suit and black rimmed eyeglasses, otherwise known as “The Man” goes around impeding the progress of black folks. This idea that some don’t work hard they just have an easier ride is straight out of the victim manual found of the 1960s. Telling people that everyone has the same work rate, and that it doesn’t matter how hard you work because your success is not your own but that of who greases the skids is condescending. What a great message for the youth: “Shut Up, You Didn’t Earn that “A”, Someone Else Earned It For You” or “You Don’t Deserve to Be Drafted #1 Overall, Your Coaches Got You Here”

So it makes me mad when he looks down on and shrugs off the hard work and dedication of average folks out here risking thousands of dollars and in most cases their homes to foster an idea. Our president is dangerously arrogant and we need to continue to pray for him because he seriously doesn’t recognize his own downfall. He’s digging his own grave politically and he’s too arrogant to put down the shovel. He’s just going to keep digging for the sake of digging because someone told him to stop digging.

But while we’re on the subject of who built what, let’s talk about what President Obama built:

15 Trillion Dollar Debt

The Largest Increase in Spending and Budget Deficits in American History

Slowest Pace in Annual GDP Growth

8.2% Unemployment

16% Real Unemployment 

45 Million People on Food Stamps

12 Million Now People Living in Poverty

23 Million People out of Work

Increasing Health Care Costs Under The President’s Health Care Act

14% Black Unemployment, Higher Than the National Average

0.2% Increase in Home Sales

You’re right Mr. Obama, we didn’t build this; that has you’re name written all over it.

But perhaps it’s a deeper issue than his political philosophy. Maybe throughout his years at Harvard and coming up in that leftist environment of victimization, self worthlessness, and contempt, maybe he was told he couldn’t make it on his own merit. Maybe those people around him in Chicago and at Harvard constantly stifled any evidence of a young man who at one time perhaps believed in the opposite of what he spoke the other day. That’s why I encourage every American to pray for the president because we don’t know who or what can be influencing him or what led to his current statement.

I know a lot of people who were constantly torn down at a young age and they grew up hating the world. If all he heard as a young buck was “You’ll never this” or “You can’t do that”, then I truly feel for the man.

Pray for our president, because God puts leaders in power and we’re to obey authority.

(1 Timothy 2:1-3)- “I urge then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people, for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Savior”