Colorado Shooting and the Curse of the Culture

Are you ready? Are you armed? Of course I talk of being armed with a weapon of a different kind. The one I speak of I know for certain would have prevented the shooting at the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. As a matter of fact this weapon would have prevented the most heartbreaking tragedies in man’s long and complex history.

It’s unfortunate that we as Americans live for the moment. It made me sad when listening to Mark Levin talk about how excited young people were to see this Batman movie. He said they must have been counting down the days until it’s premiere. My pastor talks about the world and how it finds happiness through different “happenings”. The world has no true joy so they look for any moment to satisfy that empty feeling because they don’t know Christ.

John 1:10 states “He was in the world, and the world was made through him, yet the world did not know him”

In America we’ve been reduced, sadly to a nation of happenings, both good and bad. We live for that escape through means of which do not appease our desire for enduring happiness. The tragedy in Colorado reminds us that life is short, but it also reminds us that the things we believe to be important and defining in our lives, like a midnight screening of a new Batman film, aren’t the “be all” of our existence. There’s more important things in life than going to a movie theater in a costume to watch the Dark Knight Rises.

I’m not saying movie theaters are bad and that we shouldn’t entertain ourselves. What I’m saying is that we shouldn’t hold our earthly desires as the center of our universe. Why is it that we can get a line five miles long so to speak outside the Apple store for the new iPhone yet we have declining numbers inside our churches? We get millions of people to show up to Time Square to see some ball drop on New Year’s Eve yet we can’t even get people to show up for bible study.

The number #1 movies this past week were about males strippers, a pot smoking curse word spewing, sex hungry stuffed toy bear, and no doubt, despite the events in Aurora the #1 movie will be about a man who dresses like a bat, wears all black, lurks in the shadows and calls himself “The Dark Knight”. Well, not to harp on Batman because I used to love reading the comics, and I thought Arkham Asylum for the Xbox 360 was a darn good game, but that aside I only know of one dark knight and he ain’t saving anybody. In fact he’s the one killing, stealing, and destroying.

Facebook has replaced the real world as we create false ideas and narratives about ourselves because we’re not happy with who we are. We run to an internet based social media site instead of running to the only way: Jesus.

I go back to the things we listen to and the things we watch for so called entertainment. My word, a movie about male strippers? That was the number one movie in America a few weekends ago? The music pumping 24/7 into the ears of our youth. Sex, violence, mockery, materialism, idolatry, these artists in front of their cultist congregation exalting themselves at these concerts as gods and the masses follow like sheep. “I don’t remember the song the choir sang in church on Sunday but “Stupid H*e” by Niki Minaj is my jam.”

When I got saved I looked back at what I listened to and I was ashamed to call myself a real man. Why even ponder the reasons behind James Holmes’ sudden burst into sadistic gun play? When the evil one has you open through your lifestyle boy he can plant seeds too. See folk think only seeds can be planted through faith and through God’s word, but don’t get it twisted, the Devil may not use scripture to plant seeds but he’s using this so called entertainment to plants seeds that grow into all kinds of mess.

This is for all the parents here and elsewhere, you wonder why your kids are looking at you all cross and why they don’t talk to you anymore. That boy’s momma didn’t even try to act shocked because she knew. She knew her son was by himself under the influence of so many demonic spirits it ain’t even funny. My conservative brothers and sisters talking about arm up and get the shootin’, meanwhile some of their kids are flipping out when they ask them how their day went. All they got is their opposition to Obama.

You can get rid of Obama and repeal every gun law on the books, your child is listening to things and watching things that have far worse consequence than debt and bans on automatic rifles. Wondering why your daughter is coming home and her appearance is changing every time you see her. She listening to Katie Perry next thing you look up and catch her in her room on top of a girl they breathing hard.

It ain’t about the president or Mitt Romney, or arming folks if their hearts won’t change so the culture can change. Never mind what we’re watching at these movie theaters, we just want to be able to go without someone putting four in us at close range. We want to watch movies about male strippers and pot smoking toy bears in peace.

Change the heart, and you change the culture. The outcome on either end is tied to how we live on our lives. If your teenage son or daughter is listening to all this old evil stuff then throw their iPod away if they won’t delete the music themselves. Don’t be afraid because you bought it.

People who knew him say James Holmes was a quiet good student but let me tell you it doesn’t matter if someone is a good student, a model citizen, a lifelong felon, or a stay at home mom, the Devil’s going to get in where he fit in. He knows he can get to your son or daughter and the young generation because they’re the most susceptible. All the movies and music are aimed at young people, they’re falling away from the image of God. Dylan Klebold, Eric Harris, Seung-Hui Cho the Virgina Tech shooter, Jared Laughner, and now James Holmes. You think it’s just coincidence that these five individuals were all under the age of 30? You think it’s a coincidence that most of the people inside that theater were under the age of 30?

We can elect Mitt Romney and we can drive tanks, strap rocket launchers to our back, have Desert Eagles and AR-15’s hanging from our clothes like Christmas tree ornaments but what good will it do if we continue to live for Satan? Give men, women, and children their own Cougar Magnum. Cut spending, cut taxes, vote out every Democrat, keep watching Fox News and listening to talk radio, go to your Tea Parties. But this ain’t about no election, this is about the next generation.

This is about you cleaning your son’s bedroom and find a shrine to Marilyn Manson in his closet, and you wonder why he snapped and his voice got deep when you asked him to take out the trash and he’s only 13 years old and no 13 year old boy’s voice should be deeper than his daddy’s. Your daughter touching herself at night and she’s only 11 because she listens to Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus every night while she’s sleep; you wonder why she had her first sexual experience and wasn’t no boy around when she had it, because something was crawling on her in the dead of night.

It sounds crazy and I sound like a nut but if I’m wrong then that boy wouldn’t have done what he did at that movie theater. We need to focus on who’s raising our generation of young people for us while we the parents try to relive our youth because we got something going on in our own lives. Yeah my sixteen year old can go to a movie that starts at Midnight because I wanna go out with my girls, momma need time to herself.

Someone told me that one of the movie goers was excited about the idea of the movie being shown so late at night because the dark made the experience better and more scary. Yeah well you like to play in the dark but this time the dark played you.

The Curse of the Culture: Don’t ask why, just make sure it doesn’t happen by changing the way you live, raising your kids under the umbrella of the Lord Jesus Christ, get that old demonic music out of their ears, stop giving them a license to do grow folk things when they’re only 12, it’s your house, your money, your rules or you’re letting the door hit em where….

Parents and the body of Christ need to stand up and take back their children.

Stop making excuses, just make a change.