A Preemptive Response to Preemptive Calls for Gun Control

First and foremost let us bestow prayer on those who lost their lives in that tragic shooting in Colorado. I pray most importantly that they knew Jesus and accepted him into their heart. More vital than making the most of your life here on earth is the assurance that you’ll spend your eternal life in heaven. So we just pray that those victims knew the Lord.


Let’s ban all guns so tragedies such as this one, Virginia Tech, Tuscon, and many others won’t happen again. Let’s at least ban the sale of automatic weapons as a way to prevent gun related mass murders from happening again. Problem is the gun, a deadly object does not have a life of it’s own. A gun is an inanimate object useful only when operated by someone who has intentions known only to themselves. It’s an old saying but it’s true: “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. So instead of targeting the gun, which has no life, no emotional core, no belief system, no love to give or hatred to express, no form of reason, rationale, or remorseful reflection, perhaps we should target the individuals who operate these lifeless objects.

Guns are deadly in any context whether it’s a policeman defending himself or sadly a spiritually void young man opening fire in a movie theater in Colorado. But the same argument can be made, and successfully so for many tools and means used to commit acts of terrorism, sexual violence, murder, deviance, chaos, mayhem, and utter social and cultural destruction.

Did you know if we replaced every human on earth with guns the world would be a more peaceful place? We’d just have a bunch of guns laying around on the streets. Same goes for bomb making material, drugs, knives, poison, rope used for hanging, cars, food, high rise buildings, airplanes, boats, heck spoons, forks, you name it, it can and has been used to kill. Guns aren’t the only thing used to take a person’s life; never has been never will be.

Think about this one: Why is it that we never hear of random mass murders at gun conventions? I live in Saint Louis, our good neighbor Saint Charles has a gun convention annually and I have never heard one news story on a random mass shooting. Were there mass murders unreported back in the early history of America? Were the colonials going into public places and icing folks with muskets?

The left and the world, which is one in the same for the most part often reject the idea that people are just plain evil. I take that back, they often and readily reject the notion that there is evil in the world. The evil is so obvious it has a name, we in the bible belt call it Satan, Lucifer, the Prince of the air, the Devil, old Scratch himself, the horned one.

We don’t know the details yet as to why that young man chose to take life in Colorado. But we know the motive of the spirit compelling him to take life at that movie theater. We know because the bible tells us, and we love the bible because we love God, and we love his word. In Ephesians 2:2 it says plain as day: “In which you used to live when you followed the ways of this world and of the ruler of the kingdom of the air, the spirit who is now at work in those who are disobedient”

That verse gives you an insight as to what we’re dealing with as a society and a culture. The more we turn from God the more disobedient we’ve become thus the easier it is to fall under the influence of the evil one. The left can control every gun known to man on this earth but it won’t make this world any more peaceful than before guns were created.

I say this as a Christian not as a gun advocate: It doesn’t matter what he used to kill those innocent people in that movie theater, but that he was compelled to do so. Every murder, every act of destruction and evil has at it’s very reasoning an actor unseen to even those committing the crime.

What we listen to every day, what we watch, who we associate with, what we say, what we do, how we think, it all has a way of providing the Devil and his demons a means to influencing us and how we live and how we treat each other. I can say here without any doubt that a community of Christian gun owners are less likely to commit mass murder than a community of non Christians where guns are banned.

It’s the spirit behind the person. Our culture is drowning in it’s own disobedience and its mockery of God that we don’t even see the forest from the trees. Let’s take a good look at what we produce, this so called entertainment and we wonder why so many young people are falling away from the everlasting glory of the Lord. We don’t know if that young man was a Christian but I doubt he was because true followers of Christ don’t commit murder.

I’m tired of putting band aids on cancer and then looking up and realizing the cancer spread beyond the mark of the band aid. We want to focus on the wrong things instead of solving the real issue. The world wants and thinks it can solve these issues without God and we as Christians are too afraid to talk about God so we’re at a stalemate here I suppose.