Romney Needs Killer Instinct or He's Gonna Get Killed

Let’s cut to the chase here: It’s time for Mitt Romney to knock this joker out and take his title. It’s time for him to stop trying to box and win rounds, and instead go for the knockout and end this. He’s doing what many boxers who lack killer instinct do whenever they have been out boxing their opponent for a majority of the fight. They get complacent and they start letting their opponent back in the fight by not doing enough to cement the victory.

2012 has been the year of bad decisions in boxing and I’m afraid if Mitt Romney continues to play it safe this election is going to the judges aka the voters and the outcome might not be the we want if it’s a razor thin scoreboard. Let’s be real, a split decision will reelect Mr. Obama for a second term, anything beyond that will secure Romney’s place in the Oval Office.

I’ve long been a fan of counter punchers that come forward. In boxing some of the best fighters out there have the ability to come forward and counter at the same time. This weekend alone we saw an example when Danny Garcia, the counter puncher who likes to pressure his opponents, knocked out the boxer, Amir Khan with a counter left hook.

I don’t know who’s “training” Romney but their game plan is failing him. He needs to apply smart pressure and make the president fight his kind of fight instead of constantly running around on the outside throwing little pot shot baby 1,2 combinations with no power and no message behind them. Romney needs to sit down on his punches more as well. When he hits Mr. Obama he needs to make sure that the president fears his punching power; right now that is not the case.

He should fight him on the inside, bend his knees and throw more uppercuts and hooks downstairs before coming by up top with a hard hook. It also doesn’t hurt to deploy some borderline tactics like hitting on the break. Bottom line he needs to do something that will make the president weary of just gunning at him in the middle of the ring.

Mitt Romney’s giving too much credit to Mr. Obama’s strengths and paying too little attention to his weaknesses. One thing we’ve known since 2008 is that the president is easily frustrated and has thin skin; so why not exploit his tendency to get all butt hurt whenever someone challenges him head on.

This very example reminds me of when Carl Froch fought Andre Ward last December for the undisputed super middleweight crown. All week before the fight Froch said Ward wasn’t strong enough to handle his pressure and that he would elect to box and stay on the outside. Instead Ward took Froch’s gameplan of pressure and bully tactics and used it against him. Throughout the fight you could read the frustration and confusion on Froch’s face as he sunk further into an eventual unanimous decision loss to one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world today in Andre Ward.

President Obama never expects to be challenged on anything he does because for one he’s never been challenged his whole life and two the Republican leadership has done a horrible job standing up to him thus far. If Mitt Romney takes the fight to him and obliges him in the center of the ring, using strength and pressure the Obama won’t see it coming and he’ll start to get uncomfortable. I’m telling you this man does not like it when he’s questioned about anything he says or does.

The president is made for Romney but he has to abandon his outside stick and move game and instead counter punch on the way in. He has to get inside with short hooks and crisp uppercuts in order to set up his power punches to the head. It’s basic logic in boxing that when you go downstairs you weaken your opponent enough to spark him in the later rounds.

Plain and simple: He’s gotta let that beast go.