Black Sheep

The Reverend William Owens was on America Live with Megan Kelly today to talk about whether or not President Obama is taking the black vote for granted because he didn’t attend the NAACP Convention in Houston, sending Vice President Biden in his place. He did however take time to send his regards via video message. According to the White House the president was tied down by a full schedule. Problem is that supposed full plate of a schedule wasn’t very full after all.

Early this week I heard he couldn’t attend because he was fundraising somewhere on that particular day. Now perhaps the White House felt it was more political and rhetorically acceptable to say the president had a full schedule instead of going into detail as to why his schedule was full. But Rev. Owens who I’m sure generally speaking is a supporter of Mr. Obama said flat out that the president is taking black voters for granted. The man ain’t lying and you know it’s not just the president but the entire Democrat Party that has, in many cases in recent years have sort of approached black voters as that “Pay no mind” base of their party because they probably feel like “Hey they’ll vote for us no matter what we tell them or whether we reach out to them or not”. For the most part that’s been true because the Democrat Party has become more and more bold in their disregard for the moral values of African Americans and Latinos.

The president is so arrogant about his 95% support among African Americans that he sort of knocked over the third rail within the black community: Gay Marriage. Gay Marriage and homosexuality isn’t just the final boundary for evangelicals, black voters, who are politically and economically liberal but socially conservative see gay marriage and homosexuality in general as their final straw; one of which they will not compromise for the most part.

Remember, it were the black voters and Latino voters who supported Mr. Obama in 2008 that voted in large majority for Proposition 8 in California. Prop 8 was the measure put forth to recognize marriage as a sacred union between a man, a woman, and God, and utterly rejecting the idea of same sex marriage. The media and Democrats ignored the numbers behind that vote and instead targeted religious institutions when it was the black and Latino voters who gave Prop 8 the boost it needed to pass.

As long as black folks lack the courage and the will to inform themselves and to quite frankly think for themselves then they will continue to be a herded base of support taken for granted by their so called shepherds. It’s sad that Mr. Obama knows with confidence that he can ignore African Americans and still sleep good at night knowing they will support him no matter how much disregard he has for them. I mean on two different occasions he’s thrown them under the bus: On same sex marriage and this time not attending NAACP Convention. What’s perhaps more sad is the fact that African Americans will line up no doubt like black sheep, to vote for their president because well, I guess skin color and racial pride trumps respect and true appreciation for their support and their vote. They genuinely care about Mr. Obama, he only cares about his reelection =.

14% Black Unemployment

53% Dropout rate

…But no, if I help him he’ll help me, because now I don’t have to worry about paying my mortgage or paying my gas bill. We’re gonna get some of that Obama money.