Offshore Accounts...Do They Matter?

This election will test the attention span of the American people. Now, we know from election years past for the most part voters tend to swing back and forth between “Woefully uninformed and easily distracted” and “Too smart and not as dumb as politicians think they are”.

Well this time the Obama campaign team has decided to bank on the short attention spans of many people who unfortunately have a right to vote. I’m never one to preach the idea of allowing only the informed voters take part in free elections, but come on the folks who walk into the booths are some of the most absent minded individuals you’ll ever meet. And thus the reason why Mr. Obama continues to talk about offshore accounts, dogs strapped to car roofs, and anything thing else that will take focus off his record.

I hate that our country has gotten so ignorant and just plain clueless about issues that directly effect the country’s present and future. But when an entire demographic votes solely on the color of a candidate’s skin, based solely on the fact that their favorite music artist or actor tells them to vote a certain way, or solely on the fact that a 30 second ad can with ease tell them who to vote for, man I tell you we’re headed toward rough times if we don’t promote the idea of knowledge and reason.

Instead of having “knowledge of self” whatever that means, people should focus more on being a knowledgeable citizen. I want to live in an America where a majority of citizens can name the four branches of the federal government as quickly and precisely as they can name four cast members of the Jersey Shore.

So, will the issue of offshore accounts work in Mr. Obama’s favor?

Sadly, I just don’t think Americans are smart enough to vote him out of office. That’s why we have prayer.