The Wrong Side of the Track

Well leave it to Mitt Romney to be most important Republican in the country standing on the opposite side of his party and the Chief Justice of the United States. In essence Gov. Romney comes in agreement with the left, Democrats, and President Obama in that he, like they do, believe Obamacare’s foundational provisions consist of a penalty as oppose to it being ruled a large tax on those who do not have or do not wish to purchase health insurance. And before I go further I want to adequately define both health “care” and health “insurance”. Since the left is using the car insurance argument to support government controlled health insurance then perhaps I should educate them specifically.

Health care is what one receives during an event of an injury, illness, of which by law no one can be refused by any hospital, not even those who have come to the United States illegally. Health insurance is essentially the parachute you put on before you jump out of the plane. There is a fundamental and distinct difference between not only the definition of the two, but also how people gain access to the two. You have to purchase health insurance, you don’t buy health care because you receive care at the hospital. When the left talks about every American has a right to health care well yes they do because the law states as such. But they confuse their talking points, perhaps unknowingly, perhaps knowingly, when they talk about health care in the same definition as health insurance. Insurance doesn’t help you get recover from medical conditions just as car insurance doesn’t keep your car from being totaled in an accident. What insurance does is act as the safety net for when you need operations, or in the case of car insurance, the money to pay for damage repair or to simply buy a new car if that’s needed.

So, everyone in America even illegal immigrants have access to health care by law, but health insurance is used as a support system. Okay so we’ve got that done and hopefully I won’t have to revisit that.

With Mitt Romney for a guy they say as the best team out there and this dynamic political campaign, they sure have a hard time with the narrative. How can you be the leader of your party and stand on the opposite side of said party when it comes to an issue so clearly defined by of all people, the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court? It’s not like John Roberts said “It could be argued either way, as a tax or a penalty”. He said as clear as day it was a tax. I don’t understand why the Romney team has so much trouble with their message when the message writes itself. John Roberts gave you your campaign message and yet somehow Mitt Romney wandered off like your 85 year old grandfather at the zoo.

I wonder how or if he’ll try to walk back his position and join the rest of us reasonably intelligent folks on the side that says it’s a tax.