God's Lesson Still Not Learned: How the Obamacare Decision Highlights America's Unwillingness to Admit It's Own Mistakes

When I learned of the ruling on the President’s health care law I admit I wasn’t the least bit shocked or upset as many of my conservative brothers and sisters were. Sure it’s a disappointing verdict and it’s easy for us to throw bombs at Chief Justice Roberts for seemingly opting to punt the ball on a 4th and inches rather than choosing to run it up the middle for the easy 1st.

And you know let’s establish this truth: John Roberts decided to punt the ball instead of going for the 1st down. his team was ahead by a touchdown with two minutes left in the fourth quarter and he chose to punt the ball on a 4 and inches. Now team Obama got the ball back and scored a touchdown to tie the game, and a field goal to ultimately seal the deal and secure the win.

This happens a lot in football, but rarely in politics have we seen a situation where the choice is so obvious and clear and you don’t take it. I use the word “politics” because let’s be real here, the Supreme Court is now fully integrated into the political battle of 2012. I know Justice Roberts’ reasoning behind upholding the law was an attempt to cast the high court out the political ocean but in so doing he unknowingly dumped buckets of blood and chum into the water, now here come the sharks.

The sharks aren’t conservatives who are emboldened, though I take it the right is now gearing up for the last ditch effort to save liberty. No, the sharks are the very people and the very forces behind the Obama presidency. They smell blood and they’re coming for more of our liberty because now the Supreme Court, even worse a conservative Chief Justice gave them the validation and the green light to enact such power and provisions on us that rival that of dictatorships and authoritarian regimes of the past. You think Mayor Bloomberg’s recent fore into Mr. Nanny was a separate issue? Think again, this whole thing is connected.

This entire event is culminating into the single largest and most historic power grab the world has ever seen. I don’t believe Mitt Romney will win the election because I believe he’s not suppose to. I do believe Barack Obama will be reelected and that America will slip into it’s first dictatorship. I have always had this belief that Mr. Obama will be our last president and that he would remain President until Christ returns.

It sounds crazy to those who are in the world, it sounds like a disconnected conspiracy but look closer to what’s going on around us. Look at all the things that are taking place, the events around the world and here at home. We’re living in the last days before the coming of the Lord and even so, God has a way for this country and the world to be saved and in safe keeping from the forces of evil.

I’m not saying our President is evil, I’m not saying his allies on the left our evil, because I don’t believe they are. I’ll do you one further, I don’t believe they know what they’re doing because they have a spirit of anti-Christ on them. What compels them to support abortion, homosexuality, gay marriage, a culture of Godlessness, sex, fornication, self obsession, idolatry, mockery, and secularism is the spirit behind their actions and words.

America has yet to learn the lesson God is trying to teach. He’s telling us through these unfortunate acts of our government and our elected leaders that if we continue to live our lives the way we’ve been living for the past decade or so, then we’ll live by the very fruit we grow, which has become rotten and infested with worms. This country is cursed, our culture is cursed, as is our government. How else do you explain the Chief Justice siding with the more liberal Justices when he has never done so before?

Things just don’t happen randomly. God’s not a God of odds making. he doesn’t have a list of names and events on a long sheet of paper and from that paper decides our destiny. The world likes to think of God as a coin flipper like Two-Face from Batman. But to think of God in sch a cruel way is to disregard our own freewill. God doesn’t kill, steal, or destroy; but the enemy does. But even so, the enemy (Devil) can’t steal, kill, or destroy unless we give him a reason to. Our lifestyle choices, our apathetic existence and how we conduct ourselves is the reason why our country is slipping down this path.

I don’t blame Mr. Obama, the left, or even Chief Justice Roberts, I blame the American people because we haven’t quite gotten it yet. We still have time to repent and seek the face of God. He said if his people repent of their sins he’ll heal our land. I believe what I believe about President Obama winning reelection but I could very well be wrong, I hope I’m wrong. But what’s the point of changing Presidents when the people who voting for a new President won’t change?