The GOP's Solution on Immigration, Latino Vote: Don't Pander, But Don't Be Stubborn Either

The conventional wisdom says the Republican Party has a problem attracting Latino and Hispanic voters, office holders, and a broader theme based on the needs and issues effecting the growing Hispanic and Latino population in this country. Well, part of that is certainly true and one cannot argue otherwise. The party has a problem more so with comfortability and the optics of addressing Latinos and Hispanics in general. However the problems, while apparent, are often overblown and in some cases completely manufactured by the other side.

Do we need to change our tone on immigration? No doubt. Do we need to pander on the issue for fear of being called anti-immigrant? No because the left will accuse of of being such no matter how cordial and positive we are toward the Hispanic and Latino communities. Bottom line is they fear the prospects of a more Hispanic and Latino friendly GOP than they salivate over a stubborn and inflammatory Republican Party.

We’ve made some positive gains in terms of electing Hispanic and Latino lawmakers, and if you look at the Republican Party as a whole, this isn’t the same party from even the early 2000s. If you go by age, core principles, and ethnicity the GOP is for the most part as diverse as the Democrat Party; and I tend to believe  their diversity is overrated. I mean like the GOP, the Democrats aside from Mr. Obama of course, don’t exactly have a long history of minorities in positions of leadership or minorities as the central figures of the party. Like the GOP, the Democrats have by all historic accounts nominated middle aged white men as their party’s nominee.

Even when you move past President Obama for the most part the faces of the Democrat Party, like the GOP, are pretty much all white. Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Dick Durbin, Ed Rendell, so on and so forth, all white. Not to say they don’t have minorities voices out there but my point is really both parties in terms of their central figures, I mean they both operate on the same side of the color chart.

Now with that being said I believe and have said this for about five years now, that the Republican Party will put forth the first female president. Now we can argue the names but I’ve said all along the only acceptable Democrat female who can win a general election is Hillary Clinton because she’s the most plausible Democrat woman out there who won’t scare the electorate at large with her world view. She’s a known and trusted figure; whether you agree with her on some issues or not.

Other than that there are a host of female politicians in the Democrat Party who quite frankly most of them would have trouble winning a primary much less a general election.

I’ve also said the Republican Party will nominate the first Latino president. I think we have the better farm system overall, and perhaps that’s a great indicator for the future. But if we want to see that future we need to tune up our message.

Mitt Romney should start simple and focus on trust. He needs to address our brown brothers and sisters with this question: “Who do you trust?” Who can they trust to create jobs, ensure their children have a bright future. Who do they trust to uphold their social values such as traditional marriage and the protection of the unborn?

Then he needs to ask how. “How can you trust President Obama?” How can you trust him when he turned his back on your values? He disregards the beliefs of the Catholic Church, of which millions of Latinos and Hispanics worldwide call themselves members. How can they trust the President when he has a long history of voting against the rights of the unborn. He not only supports abortion but he willingly accepts donations from the largest and most powerful practitioner of abortion the world has ever known: Planned Parenthood.

And lastly, the former Mass. governor needs to ask how can they trust President Obama if he will soon use an entire community of people as pawns in order to ensure his own political future?

I would assume Hispanics and Latinos want to be treated the same as white and black Americans, and Asian-Americans. They don’t want to be hogtied to a single issue and because of that issue used and exploited for political gain. They aren’t numbers and pegs that are placed in a box; they’re people.

Republicans and Mitt Romney must, and I mean must highlight the Democrats’ well documented exploitation of the Latino and Hispanic community in America. It’s not about picking Marco Rubio as your VP or anything like that; it’s about the truth. If Mr. Romney can’t tell the truth when President Obama has been telling lies to Hispanics and Latinos this whole time, then I don’t know what else he can do at this point.

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