Mocking Ann Romney: MS Edition

You know, I’m a nice guy. I’m not a bully or someone who walks around with my chest puffed out saying all kinds of nothing just to show people how rough and tough I am. You see there’s no need for all that because I know how tough I am and I know what I can do to people who wanna get tough with me. As I always say, you wanna get ignorant then I can get ignorant as well.

I feel like getting a little “ignent” today, particularly with Lawrence O’Donnell over there at MSNBC. You know, I’m really getting tired of that network and fine, they’re the liberal equivalent to Fox News, no argument there. But it’s the way they carry themselves that really pisses me off, or at least has pissed me off in recent months.

I don’t know Ann Romney and I don’t know Lawrence O’ Donnell, I don’t know anyone who deals with MS on an everyday basis. I know I can’t stand people who bully others from high places. MSNBC was apart of the whole anti-bullying campaign and yet their hosts do the very thing they claim to be against. How can you wave the banner to end bullying in our schools, whether it’s bullying gays, the handicapped, what have you, and then have one of your hosts mock someone for having a MS?

Not only that but he’s done it more than once; which makes him a bully. When you go at somebody on more than one occasion for the way they look, how they’re dressed, for whatever the reason, you’re a bully. Again the same folks who create these phony platforms and prop themselves up as voices of the common man, you know millionaire liberals who get paid millions of dollars to host their own cable show are the true voices of the common man making 9.50 an hour at O’Reilly’s Auto Parts, or the single mother making 7.25 at Red Lobster working full time as a hostess while going to community college or online so she can make something of herself.

These bottom feeding, smug, godless, left wing, vomit inducing, zombies on that godforsaken network. You have Ed Schultz who is so tough and such a man’s man he goes after female talk radio hosts and calls them sluts, you have that butt ugly Nazi dyke Rachel Maddow who can’t stop friggin lying and defaming folks, you got the slobbering alcoholic Chris Matthews who gets a hard on when President Obama gives a speech, you got that little punk a*s b*tch Chris Hayes disrespecting our troops, on Memorial Day no less, and that guy I would put all kind of dents in his skull with a bat for what he said, and then you have Lawrence O’Donnell. Yes, the guy who asks questions and then interrupts you while you answer his question. The guy who try to accuse Herman Cain of not supporting the Civil Rights Movement because he didn’t participate in sit in protests, the same guy who also accused Herman Cain of dodging the draft. This arrogant, sad, pathetic a*shole who likes to play the role and push people around well I hope someone comes along and returns the favor Mr. O’Donnell because in most cases, in fact all cases people who like to bully others are themselves p*ssies who couldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight, much less throw hands in a real one.

Yes pick on middle age white woman who you know would never fight back. Hillary Rosen went at her for being a stay at home mom, now that jack off O’Donnell is going at her for having MS. I tell you what, you see you’re safe inside the fart bubble over there and no one will take you to task for what you’re doing. But if one day out of nowhere you see a flash of something wooden come across your dome piece and you drop, look up and see a six foot black dude standing there with a Louisville slugger in his hand, well you know why it happened.

If you mock her for having that disease you mock the millions of Americans and millions more around the world who have multiple sclerosis, just as Hillary Rosen sh*tted on the fact that Mrs. Romney was a stay at home mom, she was taking a big fat lesbian elephant sh*t on millions of other stay at home moms around the country.



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