Selfishness Is On the Ballot in November

The upcoming general election will have several important dynamics to it. We all know the economy is chief among the issues concerning voters and will ultimately play a large if not exclusive role as to how Americans cast their vote in the booth. But one interesting key to remember is that along with economic security being the litmus test for the candidates, selfishness will be on the ballot come November as well. You might not realize the selfishness doctrine at first glance but listen closely to how the left attacks and frames their arguments whether its gay marriage or the economy.

The entire platform for the progressive movement is built on this idea of collective selfishness. They want skin in the game but only if you’re rich so you can subsidize entitlement programs that most, not all, but most people take for granted, willingly or unwillingly. There’s perhaps the most glaring example of selfishness this country has ever seen in the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Their entire beef with the way things are seem to fall on this sense of entitled indignation. They want, they want yours, and they want it now. The spoiled brat vote is something to be concerned about because there are just enough spoiled brats in America who vote solely on what of someone else’s they can have, or at least who can help give them something for nothing.

Then there’s gay marriage and “gay rights”. You see gay rights don’t exist because marriage itself isn’t a right. It that were so then we could marry anything we wanted say for instance a man could marry his sister, his cousin, or his dog. Marriage, like owning a driver’s license is a privilege often validated by those who are responsible. You ever wonder why teenagers make up for more than half of fatal car accidents in America as oppose to say more than half of all 45 year old drivers? Why do we have a required age for owning a license? Why is it that 16 year olds who have learner’s permits have to have a licensed adult driver in the car with them? Homosexuals who seem hell bent on their mission for so called marriage equality do so not because they believe in marriage or its traditional place in society, but because they believe, for selfish reasons mind you that society ought to shift its traditional tectonic plates in order to accommodate their immoral lives. Our hearts coordinate almost everything we decide as human beings; because we’re a fallen creation. And in a cursed world such as this one, and since the devil is the god of our world it’s hard to deny your heart’s desire in favor of the mind which almost never leads you astray.

There’s a fundamental disconnect between secular progressives and conservatives in that they believe fully in this idea of desire whereas we believe in restraint. It’s not to say we wish to deny anyone their right to live freely in a free society but instead we wish to maintain the civil society and its traditions. If we all decided to live our lives based on our heart’s desire could you imagine what the world would be like, much less the United States. I pray voters don’t fall for the trappings of the heart and listen to the mind that never lies to them. Such as it is in everyday life our hearts will betray our better judgment.

I’ve decided to pay no mind to the selfishness platform for which the left and Mr. Obama seemed all too eager to run on this election year. To divide peoples based on income, race, gender, sexual orientation, or otherwise is to feed into your own selfish agenda in an effort to gain more power. Occupy Wall Street is not led by a noble and sincere pledge to realize true income equality among all Americans but to take slices from a pie they had no hand in baking.

Selfishness is on the ballot in November and it’s all apart of what they want. They don’t have to compromise but we do because we believe in something different. It’s funny how they say we Christians and conservatives are rigid in what we believe yet they’re the ones not willing to let go. Is this really about “gay rights” when gays can eat in the same diners and restaurants as heterosexuals? They can drink from the same water fountains, watch a movie in the same theater? Is this really about income inequality when every American has a right to apply for a job and to earn a decent living? How can Bill Gates keep me from working at McDonald’s until I’m done with college and move onto a better career? Is working a low wage job not good enough for the immigrant from El Salvador or is it not good enough for the college student from the Philly suburb whose parents paid the first three years of his or her college education?

We’re up against people who feel like we owe them something because they’re gay or because they’re members of Occupy Wall Street. This entire argument is nothing more than a lie from the devil. People are being used for things they can’t wrap their head around. And this is how I know that statement to be true: If you ask a gay person if same sex marriage were legal in all 50 states would they be satisfied you care to guess what their answer would be? If a member of Occupy Wall Street got everything they wanted would they be satisfied? Neither one would find true joy and satisfaction because in them lies neither true joy nor contentment because they don’t know the lord. Nothing of this world, and nothing of short term happiness can ever truly make us happy because only Jesus Christ can fill the void in our souls.

We shouldn’t condemn our progressive friends for their selfish ways because they don’t know any better. They truly believe all that they desire would make them happy until they finally get all they desire and they’ll come to realize the opposite is true.


The wealthiest man in the world owns a thousand mansions on each continent, yet cannot find a thousand people to inhabit them, yet the poorest man in the world owns one shack with each room occupied by a thousand family members.