Really, Gay Rights? Really Bro?......Alright

It seems we now know what the president and Democrats will run on this fall when they come face to face with the”Stormin” Mormon Mitt Romney. Now I could be wrong but it seems today we got a little preview of what’s to come in November. It was no accident that the president made this so called profound show of approval for same sex marriage, and it’s no accident that now the media and liberals everywhere are hailing this as an important step for “gay rights”, yes I did put that term in quotations ma friends.

The left is marching to the beat of the rainbow, praising the president and giving word that anyone who disagrees (Christians, God, Jesus, Middle America, Mitt Romney, Conservatives) will be targeted and called out for their lack of tolerance…which is funny because going after people for the simple reason of them not agreeing with your point of view is the exact opposite of tolerance……

But yeah I mean cool let’s have this err debate. Let’s talk about two dudes getting married or two chicks getting married because that’s much more um…important than whether or not those two married dudes or those married chicks can afford to pay for their honeymoon, or their mortgage, whether they will keep their home from being foreclosed, or if they can find a job to begin with to pay for the wedding.

I understand though you know I really understand. This is the last burping gasp of a truly empty and out of ideas movement. The same old same old applies to the progressive and secular movement like flies to rabbit crap. This time however the left won’t go quietly gay into the night. This time they’re playing for keeps because they realize that president Obama just might lose next fall.

You’re gonna hear a lot of crazy bunk in coming months and things are gonna get real ugly, like an ugly child throwing a temper tantrum in the aisle at Wal-Mart. You’re gonna hear some of the most vile attacks on Christianity, Romney, Conservatives, I mean the most vile attacks you ever heard because the left has only one weapon left in the arsenal and that’s the RPG’s baby, and they’re loaded up ready to go.

What Romney and other on our side have to do is remain the adult in the room who is seen as the only one not willing to overreach and drastically transform the country without the country’s permission. This reminds me of boxing when one fighter is down heavy on the score cards going into the last round. That fighter starts throwing mad grenades in hopes of a knockout punch. What Romney needs to do is play it safe and counter punch, stay on the outside and not let the roar of the crowd compel him to get into a tear up with the president, who hits a lot harder than he does.