In Defense of Ann Romney and Stay At Home Moms Like Mine

You know I’m getting tired of these unattractive attack broads from the Democrat machine going out there and out of one side of their reptilian mouths talk about a war on women and how they stand for women everywhere, and yet out the other side they attack women who choose to stay home and tend to the family as oppose to women who choose to work. It’s not about Ann Romney, it’s about a segment of the female population who are being criticized for being choosing home life over career life. What if Hillary Rosen’s daughter wants to be a stay at home mom? Would she criticize her own daughter? My point is let’s not put down some women as inferior or not as important or capable than other women. You know call me crazy but there might be a situation where a career women chooses to spend time with the kids at home, and vice versa.

But you know the vomit inducing, faces for radio feminist zombie horde who occupy the Democrat machine and the liberal fart bubble really need to think before they open their mouths. My mom was a homemaker in the 1970s and much of the 1980s while my dad, god bless his soul in heaven, was just starting out with his own construction company. Eventually she got out into the workforce and has been there ever since. So I take these attacks on Mrs. Romney and homemakers everywhere as an attack on my mother. When you attack my mom verbally or otherwise I’m gonna knock your motherf**kin head clean off.

You know what Hillary Rosen and all you other feminist heavy bush action lovin’ catcher’s mitt face bitter resentful witches, staying at home providing emotional support to your husband, taking care of kids, getting them up in the morning making sure they have what they need for school everyday, balancing check books and maintaining bills, paying those bills, running errands, cooking, cleaning, comforting daughters in high school, going to soccer, basketball, and football games, being the driver, and on top of that finding time to deal with your own issues and needs is just as difficult as going to a job everyday. Murphy f**kin’ Brown is no better than June Cleaver.

She then had the nerve to get all butt hole hurt on CNN and accuse conservatives of faux anger in order to score political points with women. Are you sh*tting me? Hillary Rosen a Democrat is accusing Republicans who were just as recent as last week accused of comparing women to caterpillars of trying to score political points by playing up anger over what she said about Ann Romney and a large segment of our population in this country? These are the same a-holes who flippin’ played up their outrage over the golf course in Augusta having a “No Women” rule in terms of who could join their club as full time members.

You know I have this long standing sort of “Under development” theory of why left wing women hate other women and especially conservative women so much. I don’t think it has anything to do with politics or abortion, I think it has to do with the fact that a lot of these long time feminist ghouls who paid their dues the way an inmate pays his dues at Rikers Island. They been at this for decades just plugging along with their feminist talking points immersed in the political system like quicksand, a mainstay within the machine like a boil on your a*s, and they aren’t happy. All they bitched and complained and marched about and what they did to get to this point has made them bitter and unhappy. The original feminists actually stood for something bigger than themselves and we of course appreciate and honor their service as great Americans. But these 1960s, 70s dried out cooter,  doped out, stringy haired, godless, and butt ugly radical baby murdering, violate themselves with the finger of Ann Richards wannabes hate stay at home moms, hate Ann Romney, hate Sarah Palin, hate Michelle Bachmann, and conservative women in general because conservative women generally speaking lead happier lives than they do. Conservative women and stay at home moms aren’t at war with men, they aren’t at war with the corporate world, they aren’t at war with other women who don’t agree with them on certain issues. But those boot strapping spawns of Satan are; and that’s sad.

The Defense Rests.