It's About Time: Liberals Using Murder of Trayvon Martin as Political Credit Card

Editor’s Note from Erick: I woke up this morning and found Media Matters all over the case that RedState is calling Karen Finney “half breed.” Seriously? While I appreciate the user defending me on Twitter, calling someone “half breed” is, in fact, racist and demeaning and I am just as offended as the people complaining. Crap like this is as effective and useful as that dumbass at the Santorum gun shooting event saying “pretend its Obama.” In addition to it being pathetic, it also serves as a wonderful distraction for the left to point at. If you can’t figure out all those points, please don’t come to RedState. I’ve stricken the offending paragraph below and have closed this account, though I’ll turn back on should we get an apology for saying crap like that as, to my knowledge, this is the first time this user has said something like that. Oh, and comments are now closed.

Ah the left, to what ends will they not go in order to advance their insidious agenda? They’ve gone from sex to murder in a matter of a month and in more disgusting fashion using the tragic murder of a fine young lad cut down in his youth by a trigger happy man who jumped the gun and made a fatal error. There are no winners in this case and in fact it pains me so much I’ve avoided any mention of the incident because as I suspected when I first got wind of this shooting the media started using it to paint white men as racists, push for gun control, and now they’re starting to use this as a way to smear Rush Limbaugh and the GOP.

A family mourns the loss of a son, a community is broken, a man who made a serious misjudgment might go to prison, and a young teen will never realize the fruits of his talent because he’s dead. The left looks at this situation and their mouths water as though they’re sitting in front of a nicely grilled T-bone steak with a side of mashed potatoes and chocolate cream pie for dessert. I haven’t watched the rounds of political shows because of this and no I realize it was a good idea not to.

Instead of using a young man’s murder as a political tennis ball maybe we should focus on praying for the family, the young man’s soul, and the shooter. But of course the left knows no god in heaven but the political god of liberalism and government. These people make me want to vomit, every last one of them.

Karen Finney the half breed malcontent over at the “Mess” network MSNBC tried to tie Rush Limbaugh with young Trayvon Martin‘s murder. So now Rush is responsible for the degradation of an entire gender of people not to mention the death of a young African American boy in Florida. And I suspect if Iran got the bomb Rush would be responsible for that too.

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