Fire Rush Limbaugh Now

That was the running theme of Tamron Hall’s show on MSNBC this afternoon. The idea that Rush should finally be given the old cane around the neck and yanked off stage treatment by I guess the FCC. But I ask this simple question: “If Rush goes for the word “slut” then shouldn’t Bill Maher go for saying things far worse than what Rush said once about a person we now know was a hired gun for the Democrat Party?”

If Rush needs his butt canned for slut then Bill Maher should go for saying the word “punt” take away the “p” and add “c”. He’s referred to governor Sarah Palin as a slut and used various sexually explicit words and phrases to describe any and all things Palin related.

So yes in that context I would gladly welcome the demise of Rush Limbaugh if and only we see the same fate mark Bill Maher’s television career. Let’s be consistent in who we seek to embrace with our outrage. Let’s be honest the left loves  nasty talk because they have no moral beef with how the culture has slid into the gutter. This is the same left that embraces pornography, explicit rap and rock music, and all other forms of secular and poisonous darts that slowly kill off the traditional and Christian based value system in this country.

And while we’re beginning with Rush Limbaugh and Bill Maher perhaps we should call for every major record label to cease in the signing of hip hop artists as well as the distribution of their vile music. I don’t like the word slut but I especially don’t like it when its said in every other verse in every song on a rap album. But let’s not stop there, we should call for the end to movie theaters showing explicit and degrading movies that portray women in less than flattering roles and images. We need to boycott the publication of the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, the porn industry, strip clubs, music videos show by MTV, VH1, and BET, Spring Break, Hollywood, Go Daddy.com, many ad campaigns and commercials; should I continue or do you get my point lad?

To argue Rush Limbaugh’s removal from airwaves based on what he said is to then argue very same punishment for the hundreds of hip hop radio stations broadcasting Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and other foul mouth “rappers” who make millions off the gutter toilet vocabulary in which they degrade women, promote godless culture, drugs, materialism, idol worship, and a thug mentality.

So yes I want Rush Limbaugh fired and those like him. Go ahead and show how consistently pro-women you are liberals, prove my assumptions wrong. Although I won’t hold my breath on this one either.

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