President Obama's Reelection Strategy: Casting Republicans as Anti-Women

In light of the most recent poll showing Mr. Obama’s approval rating near 41%, oh and by the way according to Willie Geist of Morning Joe fame that’s astonishing that the president’s approval rating would be that low (huh?). But anyway it looks as though the president might deploy the “I stand for women” strategy in order to get reelected. Now one might assume he’s using a favorable tactic if one assumes the media narrative that Republicans are anti-women is an honest and accurate narrative to project.

However I could and will make the argument that in fact it’s Mr. Obama that has been surrounded by, endorsed by, and receiving campaign contributions from some of the most sexist, misogynistic men around. Bill Maher of course being the most obvious and sort of the face of Mr. Obama’s sexist male campaign donors. But you also have some names that have gone unnoticed. For example rapper Ludacris supported the president in 2008; one would assume he will support him in 2012. Now for those of you not familiar with Ludacris and his work let me throw out a few titles so you get the idea of where I’m coming from:

“How Low”

“She could go lower than I ever really thought she could

Face down, (bleep) up

The top of your booty jiggling out your jeans”

Just to give you an insight to his favorite topics here are a few names to some of Ludacris’ songs: “Hey Ho”, “Sex Room”, “Pimpin All Over the World”. You see where I’m going with this? I however don’t want to single out Ludacris because the entire base of support in terms of the entertainment industry is in lockstep with President Obama. Now of course we could successfully make the argument that there has never been a more sexist and anti-woman echo chamber in America quite like the Hollywood and Music industry landfill.

If Mr. Obama wants to play this round of Texas Hold Em we’ll surely oblige because we can cite numerous examples of what some of his strongest and most lucrative supporters have said in just the last few weeks alone.

It still tickles my humor to hear our president talk invoke his daughters in light of the Rush Limbaugh incident when his supporters like Bill Maher and others have said far worse. And I wonder, how many of those rap artists do he and his daughters have on their iPODs? As I recall I do know the president is a fan of Jay-Z, who had a song a few years back called “Big Pimpin”. Now never mind the utter blasphemy of referring to yourself as “Jay Hova” (Jehovah), Jay-Z is no respecter of women when it comes to his songs and the lyrical content.

It would be an unfortunate circumstance should it be known that Mr. Obama’s daughters listen to Jay-Z and his ilk, sadly I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

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