Open Letter to the Breitbart Team: Layoff the Videotapes

Now is not the time for this. I understand the reason; however misguided I assure you I understand the reason behind all of this. However I think it’s extremely short sided to go after Mr. Obama in such a way that will make us look like “swift boaters”.

We have so many tools at which to attack the president on his record why take a gamble with past associations and friendships? If you open this can of worms rest assure the media, whose machine is larger, more financially powerful, and unfortunately more influential will hit back with their own swift boat campaign. Just look at what they did to Sarah Palin in 2008 and what they’ve started to do to Marco Rubio, fearing he might be the likely vice presidential nominee. I’ve noticed a series of off balance mistakes made by both the Republican Party and the conservative movement. We keep doing and saying things that make us look very bad to the very people we need in November.

By now we should be well aware of how the media likes to twist and turn what we say and what we believe in; so why do we constantly give them the ammo? Why make ourselves look crazy if the media calls us crazy anyway? If you don’t give them a reason when they make up a reason they in turn are discredited and rejected, not us.

So this is an appeal to the Breitbart team not to go on with this bombshell mission to so called “vet the Prez”.  Listen, it won’t work because for the most part the American people know this president. He’s running for reelection as an incumbent, not a fresh new candidate whom we’ve never heard of. It’s too late to do now what we should have done four years ago. But if we focus like a laser beam on his record, and trap him in a cage of his own lies based on what he says and how he governed then we have the strong hand to play come poker night.

But let me tell you this stuff with video tapes and Derrick Bell won’t work guys. The media will defend him to the death and because they have the money, a major platform, and every household around the country they can eclipse what Breitbart’s team can do.

Just think about these numbers for a moment:

40 million

45 million

13 million

15 trillion


1.6 million

8 million

The first number is how many people have been living at or below the poverty level since Barack Obama has been president.

The second number represents the number of people who are now using food stamps. That number has increased to 45 million total under Mr. Obama’s administration.

The third figure represents the number of Americans who have been unemployed during the four years of the Obama administration. It has been 13 million for all four years, but in fact it totals out at around 13 million when you combine his first four years as president.

The next is the total accumulated deficit under President Obama. He has spent more money and amassed my debt than any elected president in US history. The deficit under George Bush was in the billions, whereas President Obama accounts for debt and deficits in the trillions and in many cases surpassing the total gross domestic product of the United States which is 14 trillion. In less than five years our total debt will peak at the 21 trillion dollar mark.

Now for the unemployment rate. When President Obama took office the unemployment rate was near 7%. At the time he enacted the American Jobs and Recovery Act, or the stimulus bill, his administration said unemployment would not exceed 8%. However figures show that the post-stimulus package period of employment and unemployment in America has gone from 10.0, to 9.6, to 8.5, to 8.3. Now looking at this on a superficial level you might see an illusion of steady progress. But the next number tells you the real story about the unemployment rate. 1.6 million people discontinued their search for employment thus the contracted workforce compelled the Labor department to disregard an actual component of how you determine unemployment the right way. Those who no longer wish to continue their search for full time and permanent part time work are the very definition of what “unemployment” means. Instead the Labor Department counts those who find work, which is telling half the story at best.

So the unemployment rate is down for two distinct reasons: 1. The workforce contracted significantly with 1.6 million Americans giving up on their job search. 2. The Labor Department purposely ignores those who left the workforce and discouraged job seekers.

Finally the number 8 million. That number represents the total number of jobs that have been lost during the four years of the Obama presidency. For every 200,000 jobs created each month in 2011 and 2012, when you add every job created in all four years you barely scratch the surface of the total amount of jobs lost in all four of those years.

Add to that the massive number of foreclosures, the decrease in home values, home prices, real unemployment which is around 15%, Minority unemployment which stands at 13%, and what you have is the strongest set of facts and source material that could not only stop a Barack Obama second term dead in his tracks, but with this information Republicans could win a landslide similar to that of Ronald Reagan in 1980. That is if we drop this videotape nonsense and stick to the issues. Trust me the left wants you to run on this rather than focus on the president’s record. Don’t take the bait because you’re stepping in a trap.

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