Mr. President Return Bill Maher's Donation, For the Sake of Your Daughters and Daughters Everywhere

Mr. President I respect you as a man and I’m always praying for you and your family. But unfortunately you failed the most basic political examination in that you not only refused to address this issue of hypocrisy in regards to smear merchant and HBO’s darling sexist Bill Maher and the million dollar check he so happily donated to your reelection efforts. Mr. Obama you said you called Sandra Fluke for the sake of your daughters and really daughters everywhere in America, and while Rush Limbaugh’s words were misguided and wrong; how can one argue the poison levels in a pair of serpent’s fangs? The way I see it sexism is sexism, and a snake bite is a snake bite regardless of the viper feel me?

So when of all people a reporter from the Huffington Post tried to ask you about this very issue you ignored him like a married man ignores his drunk ex girlfriend who suddenly shows up at his wedding reception. Instead you looked for a bailout from CNN’s Jessica Yellin, and like a compliant little lackey she obliged and pretty much shut down that question from the Huffington Post reporter.

It’s not worth any amount of cash for any reason to be a hypocrite in my eyes anyway. I don’t care if Bill Maher wrote a check for a trillion dollars I wouldn’t take it because what does that say about me? It’s like those corrupt cop movies where in public the cops are busting drug lords but behind the scenes they’re on those drug lords’ payroll. So in that aspect Mr. Obama you’re kinda corrupt. You’re taking campaign cash from the very people you spoke out against on Tuesday.

So in the name of real men everywhere who have daughters and would die for them without hesitation, in the name of real men who would remove creeps like Bill Maher from reality with a hard right hook to the face for disrespecting a woman, for the real men who still practice this thing called chivalry, return the check and tell Bill Maher and those like him “Thanks but no thanks” for that check to nowhere.

You see I’m from the old school, I don’t believe in smearing women under any circumstance. Let me tell you these guys like Maher and this Louie C.K. fella who hide behind their connections and their vulgarity man these guys wouldn’t make it to the corner stop sign in my neighborhood. I come from a family where the men don’t have to impress people or pump themselves up by going after women. How bout that? So check it this is where manhood has gone in American society today family. Nowadays the men we see being pumped up in pop culture are these little metro sexual types who make going after women int he most vile manner a sport. The Bill Maher’s of the world are the “real” men now. I mean because guys like Bill Maher and Louie C.K. are who our young boys should model themselves after, not Tim Tebow or Albert Pujols. Guys like Tebow and Pujols are these 6’4 all world athletes who not only excel on the field but excel off the field in a positive manner. But they don’t represent the new American culture so oh well.

Yeah it’s easy to go after Sarah Palin, all 5’1 of her. But you notice these guys would never go at someone like Alan West. Could you imagine Bill Maher saying something to Alan West face to face much less behind his back? Col. West would knock his friggin’ head clean off his shoulders and crap down his neck. You think he would say this stuff to Todd Palin or her son Track? Like I said these guys are acting tough by attacking women; we used to call em wife beaters.

So Mr. Obama I hope you have a change of heart and give the money back. I would regain the respect I lost for you when you took the money in the first place. Think about it for the sake of your daughters. If he called them the c-word I doubt the last thing you would want to do involving Bill Maher is take a million dollar check from him.

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