Super Tuesday: Conservatism's Last Stand, and the Last Chance to Stop Mitt Romney

It has been a constant in this long drawn out GOP primary campaign. The conservative grassroots and Tea Party base has made it their prime focus to not only stop Mr. Obama this November but to also take a bit of a detour and try and prevent Mitt Romney from being the one to face the president in the general election. Now, I’m a pretty reasonable even tempered guy and I don’t normally sound the alarms because I believe eventually the good nature of voters wins out. However we must understand the bigger picture in regards to this election year. This is the most important election in our lifetime by far, and while we’ve known the central reason behind the support of Mitt Romney has been the feeble at best argument that he’s the most electable, no matter what you think of Rick Santorum most conservatives, or I should say real conservatives know for a fact that Romney cannot and will not win the general election should he be our nominee in the end.

Mark Levin said he would certainly vote for Romney against Obama but he said something I thought was very interesting and to be honest it mirrored my feelings to an extent. Mr. Levin said he would support Romney if he wins the nomination but he hopes Romney doesn’t win the nomination because he’s very concerned with his chances come this fall. I couldn’t agree more and I promise you a lot of Washington establishment types feel the same way but won’t speak out because they want to beat Obama so bad they’ll just fall in line when told. The problem is the guy they’re coalescing around might be the weakest presidential candidate in modern American history.

The argument was well Romney can win independents and Democrats. In fact the opposite is true because if Romney is the nominee the Democrats will unite in force against him and their enthusiasm will overwhelm Republican excitement for a guy who let’s face it, Democrats hate Mitt Romney more so than Republicans genuinely like him. He’s just not the type to rally folks to a cause because his cause is that he wants to be president because he’s more in love with the idea and the image than being president in a literal sense.

Mitt Romney must be stopped or else we’re going to witness the end of the conservative movement, the Republican Party, and the nation as we know it all in one election cycle. A Romney win as Eric Erickson said a while back will mean the conservative movement lost. If he faces Obama in the general election the country will ultimately lose because Romney can’t win.

I want to know this seriously: Why do we insist on nominating moderates? Seriously because it’s an ongoing problem in our party where we try a moderate one year, they lose, we say we’ll never do it again and then we do it again the next year. Ann Coulter and those same voices who said McCain was a horrible candidate and that moderates never win are the same folks out there cheer leading for Mitt Romney.

We may ultimately have to seriously consider taking it on the chin in 2012. Perhaps going underground while hell breaks loose and you know rebuilding our entire party starting with the complete divorce from the no good no balls establishment who are the sole reason why the GOP is such a disgrace and a shadow of its former self. I’m not voting for Romney and I don’t care if my life depended on it I would rather die than vote for Mitt Romney.

The problem is this folks, Romney isn’t a movement conservative so he won’t put himself out there in order to make the necessary changes we need in order to reverse what Mr. Obama and his administration has done. If he’s willing to put together something as extreme as Romneycare you think he’s honestly going to fight the good fight to get Obamacare repealed across the board? If say Democrats pick up seats in the House and break the Republican majority you think he’s going to stand up to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi or as he did in Massachusetts he’ll just go along to get along? Why are we willingly marching to our own demise?

So many in our party have bought into this fake hype that only Romney can win. How funny that the only ones saying this other than the establishment is the left wing media and Democrats. Why do you think that is? Why do you think they’ve pushed Romney’s inevitability on us from the start? It’s not just because he’s the next guy in line. They want Romney because they know how to beat him. They wouldn’t know how to run against a Sarah Palin or a Bobby Jindal, a Michele Bachmann. At worst they would resort to personal attacks but you notice they never ever went at Palin when it came to her record. She had a solid record as governor and they weren’t sure how to hit her from that angle. With Santorum they try to paint him as extreme yet the left openly expressed concern over his blue collar message and middle class roots. They can define Romney in no time flat because he’s easily definable. He has no real core, his record as governor is mediocre at best, at best, and he can’t seem to stop getting in his own way when it comes to what he stands for and doesn’t stand for, and what he says on the campaign trail. For someone who is seen as a polished, well managed candidate boy does he stick his foot in his mouth.

So basically Santorum has to render Romney’s wins tomorrow as a wash or else we’re screwed. He has to at least equal Romney in terms of states won. I support Santorum but I also support the prospects of a contested convention and a nominee emerging from that point on. Like I said before Mitt Romney winning the nomination is a non starter for me.

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