Who and What Are Working Americans?

I have a question: What’s a working American?, what does one look like, dress like, and sound like? I ask this because I was surfing the net waves late one night and you know how at every social media, video, and blog site you go to there seems to be an Obama campaign banner or ad on the site? Well I saw one of those and it said “Help President Obama stand for working Americans”. I thought to myself, “what’s that even mean, working Americans?”. I know the term is used to sort of signal a nod to the middle class but even that term “middle class” is one that I find myself pondering more and more. Why all the categories and classifications?

Are working Americans who strike big on a successful product or idea and as a result experience wealth and prosperity still considered working Americans because there are plenty of rich Americans who work hard to maintain their success. After all is they suddenly lost that hunger they would probably go broke and fail. You see it takes just as much hunger and will to keep millions as it does to make your first million. People lose sight of that because the perception and the narrative against rich people is one of general stereotypes and unnecessary demagoguery.

So I’m asking this question having thought this over a bit: Is there a difference between working Americans in the middle class and working Americans who make more money? Aren’t they both working to achieve the same goal? Can we sit here and say that wealthy Americans who own companies or say sports team owners, do you think they work less or their kind of work is somehow illegitimate because they aren’t sweating it out in a coal mine or steel mill? I’d venture to guess that many rich business men and women have the same level of work ethic and drive that most non business owners have.

And as for those non working Americans, does Mr. Obama want to stand for them as well, or do they not count in this equation? Terms like “working” or “middle”, “rich” these words have no meaning anymore because society has shifted a great deal. Perhaps these terms could have been used at a time deemed more relevant like the Depression era, maybe even a little after that during the 50s and early 60s; especially in the black community.

But today there are more rich people and more well to do folks in America than in years past. lower class Americans have more television sets and more PlayStation 3 consoles in their homes than lower class Africans have access to clean water and food. So yes there are poor people in America but if you ask a mother of four in a third world country they would look at the poorest American and see the richest person on earth.

Our problem is not President Obama or the Democrats, our problem is that we allow ourselves to get suckered into these irrelevant class warfare fist fights. Most middle class Americans are happy with what they have and don’t hate the rich. Most rich people work hard for their wealth and aren’t greedy pigs driving around in a Model T with a bag full of money in one arm and a cigar in their mouth. Now you have the small percent on both income levels who either exploit certain groups or as we’ve seen with the Occupy movement, player hate on the rich because they’re not happy with their own lives. And in that instance you can’t blame rich people for your life not turning out the way you hoped.

So I don’t believe in working Americans versus non working or rich Americans because most Americans tend to work, no matter income level. So in that sense Mr. Obama ought to represent all Americans and not create an entirely new sub genre of American citizen. We love our president, and we pray for him but he’s steadily playing a deadly social and political game because he wants power.