How To Beat President Obama in 2012: Relay Your Message Over the Head's of the Douche Bag Media

Those who knew him best said Ronald Reagan had among many, one very effective and fool proof plan when he ran for president against then incumbent Jimmy Carter in 1980. They say Mr. Reagan talked directly to the American people by relaying his message over the head of the hostile left leaning media and straight to the source. It’s a good strategy that’s often lost on Republican candidates who find themselves playing defense when it’s time to play offense and offense when it’s time to defend.

Over the last sixteen or so years we’ve fallen into the mindset that it’s better to appease an already anti-Republican media than simply disregarding them as the bottom feeding story chasers that they are. To say the media is bias and against all things Republican related is to say the sun is hot and water is wet. No, it’s saying the sun is hot and water is wet one million times for the next 25 years. Republicans need to get past their anger toward the media and go to what really matters: Expressing your vision to the people face to face.

Democrats aren’t better at the retail campaigns than Republicans, on the contrary. They have the establishment media, the culture, and Hollywood to spread their message for them. That leaves the homes, town halls, and meet and greets for Republican who mustn’t forget the important of playing small ball politics. We don’t need the Kathleen Parker’s, the Joe Scarborough’s and the David Brooks’ of the world who crawl on hands and knees to kiss liberal tail. They’re constantly drowning their faces in the butt cracks of the left in order to avoid their scorn. This only pushes the perception that Republicans aren’t willing to engage; just look at our current House speaker if you don’t believe in the power of cowardly perception.

Whether it’s the debt ceiling debate this past summer, the payroll tax cut debate this past few months, or any other issue, Republicans in Congress fail to talk directly to the people and instead find themselves explaining false accusations political misrepresentations by Mr. Obama, the media, and the Democrat Party.

If we’re to cut through the propaganda about the so called improving economic numbers, the so called damaging GOP primary, and the usual toilet bowl punditry designed to hurt Republicans then we need to try a different approach.

The candidates should stop going on these shows like Good Morning America, the Today show, and other outlets that set them up to look extreme or out of touch. You would think by now Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney would have figured out that by agreeing to these interviews with hmm, former Clinton staffer and Democrat George Stephanopoulos they probably won’t get the most relevant questions because little George the Greek midget has an agenda and wants to make them look as bad as he possible can by cornering them on certain views and things they’ve said in the past.

So why even go on these shows anymore? It’s not like these old networks can rally the American people to put pressure on Republican candidates to go on their shows because the American people stopped watching shows like Today and Good Morning America ten years ago. Plus no one watches network news anymore either. Times have changed and these so called major platforms to which a public figure could express their message and have it reach millions of viewers is no longer the case. Most of which has to do with the fact that millions of viewers around the country aren’t tuning in like they once were.

I never understood why John McCain went on the view. Why would you want to sit on a small couch next to five marginally to medium level famous women, four of whom don’t like what you stand for and the other is a weak “Go along with the crowd because I’m too afraid to disagree” know nothing RINO.