Post Debate Analysis: The Annoying Pro Romney Audience, Rick Santorum's Philly Shell, and Mitt Romney's Forced Offensive, and Ron Paul the Covert Surrogate

Last night’s debate wasn’t all that eventful certainly not to where you could make a judgment as to whether or not one of the candidate’s is slipping or mounting a serious rise. Several things stood out and I had all kinds of reactions to said things. First off I’m getting sick and tired of the Romney campaign going in and filling the audience with Mitt Romney’s fanboys. All throughout the debate every time Romney uttered a word his annoying supporters would cheer and howl like they were at a wet t-shirt contest. As a matter of fact I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that like being at a wet t-shirt contest many in the crowd had boners.

It’s fine to cheer your candidate but to do that and openly oppose Santorum on the basis of “He’s challenging Romney” is plain stupid and it plays into what I said above, Romney supporters are freakin’ fanboys, plain and simple. Romney supporters are starting to act more like Obama supporters than your average Republican base supporter and that scares me. We know you like Mitt’s “Mittness” whatever the f**k that is or means, but don’t make yourself out to be the annoying wing of the Republican Party; although I fear we’re too late for that.

Second, what the heck is this talk of Santorum having a horrible performance? The talk was “Oh Santorum had a bad night because he was on the defensive” So what? The guy had to defend his voting record and his beliefs; is that bad? Better he do it now than in a general election where he has no shot at a benefit of the doubt. I understand the double standard for Santorum and Romney where all Romney has to do is be steady yet Santorum has to all but open his chest to show you his beating heart, because I understand Santorum isn’t suppose to be challenging the anointed Romney who’s entitled to the nomination because he’s the next guy in line. But I thought Santorum did fine and it’s not like he had a complete and utter breakdown which is how his performance is being spun in the media and by Romney’s groupies.

What did hurt Santorum a lot was Ron Paul’s covert surrogate role for Romney. It’s obvious to everyone with eyes and ears that Ron Paul’s role going forward is to take out Santorum and clear the way for Mitt Romney. Now I think that’s sad and I lost a lot of respect for Congressman Paul because I think these petty rabbit punches he’s throwing at Santorum are beneath him. And you know it’s ironic, odd, a bit funny the man touted as the consistent principled, constitutional, by the book candidate Mr. Ron Paul who never voted for raising taxes and spending money because he never sold out, did exactly that and sold out to the Romney campaign for whatever reason. I’ve heard he wants to be the chairman of the FED but that’s just hearsay right now. I do know it really makes you look at Ron Paul differently because he’s never done this before. In 2008 he stayed in because he believed in his libertarian message, now he’s staying in because he sold his soul to appease Romney’s from birth dream of being president.

In closing you know that crowd really got under my skin as I could imagine they must have really pissed off Rick Santorum because Romney didn’t even have to say a word and they would cheer for him. And you know they had marching orders and that’s why they acted the way they did. It’s like Romney buying the CPAC straw poll.

Overall I don’t think this will hurt Santorum like the Florida debate hurt Newt Gingrich because Romney still has a hard time going after Rick Santorum in a way that’s credible because let’s be honest Mitt Romney ain’t credible on very much. Santorum wasn’t the reason why he lost I think the crowd made Romney sound better than he actually did. He said all the usual Romney talking point answers and the crowd made it seem like he gave the sermon on the mount. Romney could have said “I like sweaty men and German porn” and the crowd still would have cheered and hooted.

This feeling I have toward Romney is nothing new on my part. I used to like Barack Obama and was willing to vote for him but his supporters ruined it for me. It was because of them that I slowly started to dislike him and that’s how I’m feeling toward Mitt Romney. I don’t dislike him personally because I don’t know him, and I’m sure he’s a good dude, but his supporters both within the part voting block and inside the Beltway are well, douche bags.


Oh and Newt did very well last night.