2013 Budget: Leave Our Children With a Deficit and Broken Economy, A Twofer Ma!

Poor John Feehery had the impossible task of arguing both against host Chris Matthews and MSNBC regular, sir frog voice himself Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post who both took turns shilling for, defending, and promoting Mr. Obama’s new budget for 2013. Now, I have yet to read the budget and all the details but from what I’m hearing it’s a two fold pile of donkey crap mixed with ice cream and tax hikes. Never mind the rehashed vomit, like this obsession the left has with building roads and bridges, there’s also plans to train  2 million Americans at community colleges….because we don’t have job training programs and technical schools in this country as it is. Boy what would we do if the left didn’t exaggerate all things that exist in the world? They seem to play on the premise that more of the same is best, even when more of the same has undeniably weakened this nation’s fiscal and economic standing long term.

When Mr. Feehery tried to argue the dangers of long term deficits caused by short term politically influenced spending, he was shot down by Eugene Robinson because according to Mr. Robinson better we leave our children with a belt busting deficit and debt than a bad economy. Well what if we’re setting our children and grandchildren up to inherit both? Hmm, you know I bet liberals didn’t stop to think about the 1,0000th way you could die before exhausting the possibilities of the first 999.

Spending our way into a more sustainable economy doesn’t work and the facts bare that out. Our deficit remains a key component as to why no matter how short term a so called “recovery” lasts, the fact that the United States is set to hit at or near the 26 trillion dollar mark in terms of our net debt and deficit is something that seems to fall on the ears of the profoundly dumb, aloof, and blind. But hey, perception is key and the unemployment rate is falling, never mind the reason why the unemployment rate continues to go down, Media Matters and the mainstream media have the details covered so many Americans won’t have to inform themselves about the truth.

Ignorance and intellectual laziness will ultimately in my view spell the end of what was, and what no longer is a credible nation. I’m just being honest when I say America is a at best now a top tier second rate nation on borrowed time. We’re like a former pound for pound fighter who at such a relative young age is now shot and without real presence because he’s been in too many wars in the ring. We’re like said fighter who continues to chase the fast buck fighting the young studs whom he knows he can no longer compete with on an equal level. He keeps fighting and fighting because he needs to make out with the grip because he knows it’s not too far along when that one young stunner clears the deck with that one perfect knockout punch and boom, end of story.

We can’t compete with China, Brazil, and India right now so we teeter around them sight unseen as to not get noticed and vaporized in this global contest for world supremacy. The Chinese laugh at us because they know the more we spend the closer they’ll get to owning us. But unfortunately our president doesn’t care because his long game is reelection and his strategy is class warfare. So he’s going to spend trillions and he wants the rich to pay for it. Now, math was my worst subject but let me try to calculate the cost: 1% of 99% are to pay for a 3.8 trillion dollar budget. So it’s like you mom and dad who make 100,000 dollars a year each, paying the college tuition costs for you, your sister, your brother, your friends, and their brothers and sisters combined for the next four years, give a year or two depending. By the time your folks calculate the expenses they’ll have not even begun to even dent the surface because they have expenses of their own.

And my friends that’s the misfortune of having personal responsibilities. If you 250,000 dollars a year chances are you aren’t just partying and buying private jets and yachts all day long. You have bills, you have to maintain your property, you see being well off means more than just the power of purchase. This may surprise liberals, even rich liberals but rich people work harder than poor people you know why? Rich people work harder than poor people because rich people are rich. Think about how Bill Gates and Steve Jobs became millionaires and eventually billionaires. I’m sure the man or woman behind the most iconic companies and or products our there had many set backs and doubts before ultimately making good or their risk taking.

I’m not bashing poor people just stating a fact. It’s much harder making a lot of money than it is making enough money to get by. Any Joe out there can find a job flipping hamburgers for tips, but how many Joe’s are willing to work hard enough to move up and one day own the company or start their own burger joint?

I almost want Democrats to raise taxes though because I want to them to run out of rich people to tax. I want to see their faces when they realize the number of wealthy Americans has declined under their policies. Why, who will donate to their campaigns if that happens?