In Defense of Life: Our War With Cecil Richards and the Abortionist Movement

I’m writing this late Sunday evening post not to criticize the Komen Foundation because really, one need not be upset over their decision to reverse their previous decision to cease the funding of Planned Parenthood. While I express disappointment I understand the pressure in which they felt no other choice but to try and stop the political bleeding. It’s unfortunate that we now live in a country where private organizations such as the Komen Foundations and others can’t express a certain standard opposite to what the secular left conventional wisdom has created. The left has now successfully made abortion as everyday as waking up in the morning and brushing your teeth. Abortions are frequent, they mean big bucks, and they’ve become the rallying cry for many on the left who see this murderous and venomous crime as a symbol of the feminist movement.

But I appeal to the reason of the mother, regardless of party affiliation. Could you imagine your one year old child or your two year old child losing his or her life? Could you imagine the devastation one must feel when a mother loses a child? What makes a one year old different from a life starting to form inside a woman? If the course of life for a human being begins at the moment of conception then is that life not worth fighting for? Do we not owe every innocent child a right to a safe and peaceful adolescence? Whatever happened to children in America growing up leading innocent, fruitful young lives because we actually cared about their well being?

This goes beyond the abortion issue I’m afraid because a scary trend has reared its demonic and anti-Christ head within the past decade or so. Our culture not only promotes and protects the right for innocent unborn children to be discarded like last night’s take out, but in terms of those young beautiful boys and girls who are growing up in a more sexual and exploitative society, the aim is to rob them of that innocence and use it for personal and evil means.

So yes Mrs. Cecil Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood may have one this battle in this decades long war, but we Christians, Catholics, and social conservatives must remain steadfast in the face of a growing headwind of death, sex, and personal irresponsibility. These abortionists take their marching orders from Mrs. Richards, who takes her marching orders from Satan, because no god I serve would equate the complete eradication of millions of unborn babies with compassion.  There’s nothing compassionate about advising a mother to abort an unborn child.

You know I’m not impressed by these bloodthirsty baby killers who out of one side of their slimy mouths take about the importance of “choice”, and choice is vital because women should have a choice as to what happens in regards to their body, and that government ought not have jurisdiction of a woman’s right to choose. But out of the other side comes the catch: The only choice is the choice they believe in, any other is unacceptable.

How could you support 48 million abortions since 1973? What if it were 48 million people put do death by means of capital punishment since 1973? Or 48 million blacks and Hispanics not allowed basic civil rights since 1963? Oh let me tell you the left would dump their pants in outrage if we on the right stood proud of a statistic like that. Yet it’s perfectly fine to have iced millions upon millions of children who will never have a chance. Just thinking about it makes me want to do something horrific to 48 million liberals but I might go to jail on a murder wrap ya dig?

My defense of life comes not only as a Christian but as a respecter of life. Regardless of whether you’re talking about the unborn, a three year old, a 54 year old, or a 90 year old, we conservatives understand and fundamentally promote the respect of innocent human life. When we speak of freedom it’s not just the freedom from government overreach and infringement, but the freedom to choose not to participate in the immoral, backward, and damaging counter culture of the secular left. If they don’t want to hear me pray then I don’t want my tax dollars going to fund abortions in other countries. If they hate my god then I hate their Devil.

You may not like my Christianity but don’t force my god out the public square to appease your sensibilities. Don’t force my brothers and sisters in the Catholic community to adhere to something that stands in direct contrast to what they believe. Essentially what the Obama administration is saying is: “You have to choose between your god, his word, your principles, and my law. Oh by the way I’m going to make the choice for you.”