Romney A Conservative at Heart?

I guess the label of “inevitability” returns as Mitt Romney rides out of Florida with a massive Super PAC attack ad influenced vanquishing of Newt Gingrich last night. And with that label returning you have folks trying to explain Romney’s “Romneyness” Whether it’s his health care plan in Massachusetts or his history of running far, far away from the conservative movement and Ronald Reagan, those inside the Beltway fart bubble now find themselves trying to make excuses for Mitt’s lack of conservative street cred.

Now, look if you want to tell me he’s the most electable and thus you’re supporting him based on that dynamic alone fine, I think you’re full of horse sh** but at least you gave me a reason that could be argued one way or another. But to sit there and try to convince me that the former governor is a true conservative and he only abandoned his conservatism because he had to win in deep blue Massachusetts well, I’m not going to buy that item my friend.

Here’s the thing, you think Scott Walker in deep blue Wisconsin left his conservative principles at the front door when he ran in 2010? What does it say about Scott Walker who’s catching mad hell right now, fighting off a recall election, and Democrat attack dogs when he stood by his conservative beliefs in the face of opposition as opposed to Mitt Romney who perhaps like a political coward made the decision to run away from his conservative beliefs when he ran for governor in Massachusetts? I mean would that not make Romney a coward or do I have this whole thing wrong? If Scott Walker ran as a small government conservative in an equally deep blue state then why couldn’t Romney?

The most laughable thing I heard from a Romney supporter was when Man Coulter had the balls to say that Mitt Romney was the most conservative candidate in the race. Now I understand whoring yourself out for Romney because your hatred for Obama is such that you desperately want to replace him with a guy who isn’t all that different from him other than the fact that one has an “R” by his name and the other a “D”, but come on bra, don’t play us like we’re brain dead.

Mitt Romney is the least conservative and as I’ve said the least electable of the four men left in this race. As for as I’m concerned Rick Santorum is the only one who comes across as an adult with understanding of policy and the experience to back it up. Newt isn’t all that electable but at least he’s been an important figure within the conservative movement. Ron Paul can’t win because his foreign policy is unrealistic. Mitt Romney can’t and won’t win if he’s nominated because he has no conviction, no balls, he’s arrogant, he’s trying to buy this primary, and he’s gone nuclear in terms of negative campaigning. By the time this is all said and done if Mitt wins the nomination he won’t be a stronger candidate as some are now suggesting, he’ll be a weak candidate because he’ll be a one trick pony. He can’t talk about his record because like Obama his record can and will be diced up and refuted like wet toilet paper. His so called record of 100.000 jobs created isn’t even a sticking point for his campaign anymore. If his record as governor and as a private sector man was so solid he never would have gone to such lengths as to attack Newt with these negative ads in Iowa and in Florida.

I always say that if you have something good to say about yourself then you’ll never have to say anything bad about someone. Romney must not have much in the way of positive self reinforcement because his main sticking points are: “Newt’s a crazy bastard and I’m the most electable.”

We really need to shatter this Romney myth about elect ability bro. The friggin’ guy ain’t electable. If Obama is piss then Romney’s horse piss. I sure it comes from a horse but it’s still piss my friend. There’s not one true bold difference between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. And like I said before if Romney wins the nomination I can’t vote for him. I think he’s unacceptable as is Barack Obama so I might just sit this one out and I encourage voters who take in account principle and leadership above political expediency and elect ability to do the same. I won’t support a guy who will get in and oversee destruction without taking a stand to change it.

They say Romney’s a manager and therefore he’s best equipped for the job. Sure if the job is to manage bull sh** then Romney’s the guy, but I want a re-builder not a manager. I have a manager at work, his name is Jeff; Jeff ain’t f**kin qualified to be president.

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