Mitt Romney's Not Electable...Period

If you continue to believe that Mitt Romney is the most “electable” candidate running in the GOP primary then I have a bridge to nowhere I wanna sell you. And when you buy this bridge I want you to jump off because Mitt Romney isn’t the most electable, he’s the least most electable candidate in the race.

Forget about last night in South Carolina because those results were merely a middle finger salute to the establishment from you know, the people who actually vote for the candidates. Now I know the high counsel inside the Beltway are feeling a little butt hurt right now because their default anointed vessel Mitt Romney couldn’t tell you what his favorite color is without dodging the question. And thus is the problem with Mitt Romney, he’s faker than a three dollar bill. There’s nothing worse than a politician who is not only fake but has no real foundation. What is it that Mitt Romney believes?

Where does Romney stand on the constitution, the relationship between the government and the citizen, the relationship between the inherent rights of the individual and the dangers of government’s good intentions? Are we certain that Romney would fight the good fight to repeal Obama care or keep the so called good parts? Are we confident that Romney won’t get swept into the manufactured “nobility” that is political cowardice or centrism, where he’s caught up in the calls for bipartisanship which amounts to getting very little of what you want and your opponents getting all of what they want?

These are serious concerns if you’re a conservative because time and time again we’re told by the cocktail class that in order for Republicans to have a chance in a general election we need to nominate mushy Moderates with no balls. And yet time and time again these mushy weak kneed cowards get eaten like barbecue at a black family reunion by Democrats who easily define them as indecisive and out of touch. What really tugs my nerve is whenever Republicans lose a presidential election  the conservatives take the blame for that the jerk off establishment did.

So this time we’re trying to get it right. Now it remains to be seen whether Newt Gingrich is the so called right answer to our Mitt Romney problem. I tell you one thing however, if a brokered convention is the end result, a Jeb Bush or Mitch Daniels candidacy ain’t the answer. Jeb and Mitch are as real politically as Rob and Fab, and if we end up losing a winnable election we can’t blame this one on the rain.

I feel bad for Mitt Romney because he’s such a bad candidate but he wants to be president so bad I feel he might commit suicide if he doesn’t win the nomination. But you know I just don’t trust people who are willing to do and say anything to get something they want. I’m in no way propping up Newt Gingrich by dashing on Romney, I’m simply stating an obvious fact denied by the same pukes who told us John McCain was the best equipped to beat Barack Obama in 2008.

What the hell is Romney gonna run on should he win the nomination? Okay so what if he was a business man, Herman Cain was a business and in fact his private sector resume was more impressive than Romney’s. Beyond that he was a failed Senate candidate, a one term governor who governed in the middle and his chief “success” is now his most vulnerable issue and that’s Romneycare.

So you have Romneycare, flip flops, a weak private sector resume, a forgettable one term as governor, an inability to answer simple questions about his taxes, he’s fake, he can’t connect with people, and he has a political record of 1-3. So why is Mitt Romney the most electable? F**k all that.

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