For the Right Reasons

Do you know people run for public office? How many people who decide to throw their hats in the ring, risk time with friends and family, risk their private lives, their past record, and their credibility do so for the right reasons? I believe for every three people who run for office on a sincere platform, seven do so simply because they like the idea of having that title of “Senator” or “Congressman”. It’s like what I said about the guy who ran for Senator in Connecticut against Linda McMahon. Of course he won but there was the issue with him weirdly lying about his service during the Vietnam war. That was a very weird thing to do and he did with such a blank non-existent stare as if he were a robot programmed and created specifically to run for public office in Connecticut. I believe his last name was Blumenthal but I’m not too sure.

It’s those weird incidents that tell you a lot about a candidate’s psyche. The man was so hellbent on being a Senator and having that title he was willing to create a story out of thin air to elevate himself. Now I know that’s not uncommon in politics but does that make it right? Murder unfortunately is no uncommon occurrence yet murder is still wrong. So why is it that the people in Connecticut voted for Blumenthal regardless of his dishonesty? Why are we quick to excuse our elected leaders of lying, adultery, money laundering, side deals, behind the door agreements, and other dishonest practices that would otherwise land the common voter in jail. If I cheated on my wife with my coworker I would get fired and half my stuff taken in a divorce settlement. If I lied about my accomplishments on a job application and during the interview I was found to have exaggerated those claims, I wouldn’t get hired. Somewhere along the lines our standards have become a reflection of how we carry ourselves and what we want from our culture.

Americans today want sex, violence, dishonesty, immorality, evil, and materialism. We romance over the bad boy instead of saluting the heroic and honesty character who does the right thing in spite of his own desires. Superman could never tell a lie and god himself is not a man that should lie, yet we’ve traded in the Man of Steel and our heavenly father for Charlie Sheen and Anthony Weiner. Jesus Christ is the hope of the world and so out of spite we look to the very opposite of what Christ stands for as our new hope. Facebook and Twitter have replaced person to person interaction because its easier for our young people to create a false reality where they can make it easier to have as many friends and admirers as possible, instead of going out into the world and making friends at school.

Our culture has become a mere reflection of what we think of ourselves and judging by the culture my friends we don’t think very highly of ourselves do we? So when I ask the question: “Who’s running for what and is it for the right reasons?” I’m asking each and every voter to reevaluate their standards before supporting one candidate over the other. For me as a young born again Christian who isn’t perfect I don’t expect perfection, I expect a candidate to share the same values and hold dear the same standards I now hold for myself as a follower of Jesus Christ.

To me the current front runners represent the very definition of a candidate running for all the wrong reasons. I think Romney wants to be president because he’s always been in love, yes love with the idea of being referred to as “President Romney” and having the ideal image of what an American president should look like. The Norman Rockwell family, the hair, the clean look, this has been a project of Mitt’s for a long, long time. Everything he’s done in his life since leaving Bane Capital has been centered around the idea of being president.

With Newt Gingrich he’s a more conservative and more controversial version of Mitt Romney. He’s not sincere, he’s arrogant, he’s calculating, and he will always do what’s in the best interest of Newt Gingrich, and I believe he wants to be president so he can have something to brag about years from now should he become president. Both men are in it for ego and ego alone. Newt more so wants the challenge of running and winning because its another title to drape across his shoulder. He’s like a boxer who keeps moving from weight class to weight class just to see how many titles he can win before he retires.

Say what you will about Michelle Bachmann and Rick Santorum you can tell they want to run for the right reasons because they genuinely feel they can offer something positive to the country and to the conversation. Ricky Perry got in the race because people said he would walk right to the nomination, Ron Paul runs to get his message out there and he’s sincere in doing so. For John Huntsman and Herman Cain well, I know why Cain ran I think, and I think I know why Huntsman is running although I can’t recall when he actually made his announcement speech; the guy is that forgettable in my view.

So before you guys rally around Newt Gingrich I would implore you to rethink your standards and ask yourself this one question: “Does he represent the things I consider valuable and important as a conservative?” Is Newt really the answer to how we stop Mitt Romney from winning the nomination? Or is this simply a drag it out moment where Newt rides high in the polls up until the last minute when he falls and by that time Romney wins by virtue of being the last man standing? Please don’t let it get to that point, please I ask all of you who find yourselves supporting Newt Gingrich to think long and hard about why you support him. I bet once you do that you’ll quickly move to another candidate.