Sources Say Palin Reconsidering Presidential Run in 2012

According to a link I read on Newsbusters’ website a small, but very credible source with close ties to the former governor says that Mrs. Palin is reconsidering a run in 2012. Now, again I followed the link to two audio clips from the Dr. Gina Louden show in which the Dr. was reporting this bit of news and in the second clip she spoke with someone name Lee Davis who talked about how Palin was the only one outside the race who could if she is indeed reconsidering a run, could raise money with a snap of her fingers.

For her part Dr. Gina said she believed before Palin made her decision not to run back on Oct. 5th that she (Palin) was the most vetted and most viable candidate to run against the attacks that would come from the Obama machine because Palin has been the only Republican to have successfully weather the most brutal political storms we’ve seen in years. You’re talking about sex scandals, rumors of drug use, her son Trig not being her son at all but her daughter Bristol’s son, rumors about her husband Todd cheating on her, rumors of divorce, the Glen Rice incident, book burning, you name it Palin has had it all leveled at her and she’s come through it like no one else has.

Even Willie Brown the former mayor of San Francisco said back in May that Palin was the only one who could withstand attacks from the other side because she shows an unusual amount of resistance and she had staying power.

If this story is true I think given the that the deadlines for the South Carolina, Florida, and New Hampshire primaries for candidates wanting their name on the ballot has passed its hard for me to see where Mrs. Palin would make up any ground. Perhaps should could go into Iowa and make a late surge, but who knows. Let’s first see if this nugget of info has any standing or credibility beyond one source before we make any further judgments. From what I know apparently she is reacting to the current firestorm surrounding Herman Cain and the overall shakiness of the field as it stands. Plus she has this dislike toward Romney that I think she wanted to be the one to knock him off and really take him on head to head.