The Romney Myth: Handing the Election to Barack Obama in 2012

Disclaimer: I don’t work for the Cain campaign but I am a support of Herman Cain for president. I don’t hold any personal animosity for Mitt Romney but rather a deep skepticism that one he can win and two he believes in something other than getting elected to office. I’m sure Mitt believes in certain principles and what not and if so, then tell us instead of being a chameleon for the sake of winning a campaign. This is why so many people don’t trust him to actually stand up and be a leader, because well Romney has never actually been in a situation where leadership is needed. Joe Scarborough compared him to Dwight Eisenhower. I apologize to Ike for that comparison and I apologize to the noble fifteen who can stand to watch Morning Joe on a regular basis.


Who says Mitt Romney is the only GOP candidate that would give Barack Obama a run for his so called billion dollars? I know the polls show Romney either leading the president or tied with him but there are other polls that show Herman Cain inking out a victory against Mr. Obama as well. Heck just last month former governor Sarah Palin, a non candidate mind you trailed Obama by a mere four points, closing a once insurmountable 2o point gap in every poll known to man. Her secret for closing the distance? Palin, according to the Marist poll won the Independent vote over the president by 15 points. Herman Cain, the so called flavor of the week, month, and year has a healthy base of Independent voters who find him more likable than Mitt Romney.

If Palin who has a supposed “likability problem” won Independents against Barack Obama who famously captured the vote in mass back in 2008, and Cain who is according to John King over at CNN a court jester who advocates smoking and electrocuting Mexicans has a good support base of Republican leaning Independents, then what does that say about the myth of Romney being the only one who could match the president on every issue? What it says is that clarity and balls can win over the all too overrated Independents better than noodle leg pandering and lack of principles can.

I don’t believe for a second that Independent voters don’t value principles and conviction, whether they agree or not how can you object to someone who knows what they believe and doesn’t apologize for it? Romney is your classic political chameleon and we as GOP voters are just suppose to line up behind him? Why should I support someone who doesn’t believe what I believe behind closed doors? In fact, come to think of it I’m not entirely sure what Romney believes or if he’s sure about what he believes.

One second he’s conservative, then he’s moderate when Rick Perry gets into the race, then he’s against the collective bargaining measure for public sector unions in Ohio, then he’s not sure about it, then he’s against it when he took heat for not coming down on one side or the other. During the last debate he further proved he’s incapable of being anything other than a robotic political Ken doll when he said quote, “I’m running for president for god’s sake I can’t have any illegals working here” in reference to his hiring of illegal immigrants to cut his grass a few years ago.

And yet you have the pundits beating the drum of inevitability because in their mind Romney is more qualified than Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt, and the others. But what makes Romney more qualified? Is it his unwillingness to stand for something? His plastic composure and his lifeless personality? Is it his tone deaf approach to voters? His lack of a strong record in both the public and private sector? Is it the noose around his neck called Romneycare? Perhaps its his constant flip flopping and backing away from statements such as when he said Barack Obama was a complete failure and when he was pressed on it by the media he tried to clarify his statement and say well, he’s not a failure. Which is it? Is Obama a failure or has he been a great president?

Sarah Palin was right when she talked about politicians sticking their finger in the wind before they make decisions or statements about the issues as to not damage their cross over appeal. Why Romney has cross over appeal is beyond my realm of comprehension, cause I just don’t get it you know? Tim Pawlenty is somewhere in Minnesota kicking himself right now on two fronts: One he dropped out way, way too early and it makes you wish they guy had a time machine so he could travel back and forth through time to see the Herman Cain surge, and two he endorsed the man he hated before Rick Perry made hating Romney cool. Pawlenty was the first Romney rival and he couldn’t pull the trigger like Rick Perry. I guess T-Paw is one of those guys who has problems going negative because he’s not used to being mean. But you know  Tim Pawlenty would get a more enthusiastic show of support from me than Romney would, and that’s saying something cause Pawlenty makes Ward Cleaver look like Brian Bosworth.

The guy is boring and he reminds me of every tall, reserved white guy in every family flick from Dennis the Menace to the Leave it to Beaver movie, but you know at least he was more in line with the Tea Party and actually had a record of conservatism whereas Romney comes off like the bad guy in the movie about the people trying to stop a corporation from taking over their small town and they need Jean Claude Van Dame or somebody to come in and stop it.

Even Romney’s endorsements are boring outside of Chris Christie of course. I mean John Sununu? Sununu sounds like a car you drive in Australia.

So can someone tell me why Romney is so great and others aren’t so great. And can you tell me why we have to settle for Romney instead of I don’t know actually taking our time and making the right choice, because you have to ask yourself this one question: Is Mitt Romney the right choice?

Despite this being an election about Obama’s record we know he’s going to smear his opponent, and let’s be honest its far more difficult to get voters to dislike Mitt Romney and even Rick Perry than it is Herman Cain or Michele Bachmann. You just can’t fit Herman Cain and the word “dislike him” in the same arena right now but with Romney he gives off a gut reaction of distrust because the guy looks more and more like Charlie Crist than Ronald Reagan.