No Herman Cain Doesn't Have An Abortion Problem

There’s a little manufactured uproar over the Herman Cain interview with British loud mouth Piers Morgan on CNN the other night, specifically over Cain’s views on abortion in relation to his own personal view, which is pro-life, the role of government and Roe vs Wade. Now, I’m a Cain supporter in terms of him being my first choice, although I have been critical or Mr. Cain’s flimsy answers and lack of knowledge when it comes to foreign policy. But let’s get real here, does anyone doubt for a second that Herman Cain would govern to the left of Barack Obama when it comes to abortion and abortion rights?

Think about this for a moment before you proclaim the end of Herman’s candidacy yeah? Barack Obama as a state Senator in Illinois voted in favor of a partial birth abortion bill. Partial birth abortion folks, do you know how radical that is? And compared to Mitt Romney do you know how pro-life Herman Cain is? Romney is more likely to side on the left of Herman Cain than Cain siding on the left she he become president. This is a non issue hyped by feint outrage from people who aren’t smart enough to know a liberal bias motivated gotcha question.

This is the same thing that happened with Sarah Palin. Katie Couric threw these bogus gotcha questions about book burning and what Mrs. Palin read and when the former governor couldn’t answer Republicans got their nut sack in a bind and punked out and jumped off the Palin bandwagon because they believed the media narrative hook, line, and sinker.

You know is it disqualifying if a candidate might, just might consider that in fact the federal government can’t force a mother to keep a child if that pregnancy threatens the life of the mother and that maybe the decision should be left to the doctor, the father of the child, the mother, and her family? That’s all Herman Cain said in a nutshell, which is no different from what Michele Bachmann said in reference to same sex marriage and her deferring a decision to each individual state, but funny she never came under fire from the right about that.

And no I’m not hinting a racial bias, all I’m saying is consider the overall statement and ask yourself this one question: Is Herman Cain as pro-choice as Barack Obama? If you answer yes then you’re a moron.

So let’s review class shall we? Herman Cain said while he is pro-life he understands the role of government and that government can’t force women to do anything because it comes down to the choice of the mother, not some federal bureaucrat in a large building in the nation’s capital. And in that case then yes I too am pro-choice because as a born again Christian I am pro-life but also understand that government can’t force women to do things when it comes to health.