In Search of Victories

When does it become apparently clear that a president who seems so desperate for some kind of momentum shifting victory goes one step too far beyond the limits imposed upon him by the constitution, which lays out in clear definition that chains restricting the executive from the temptations of absolute and unchallenged power?

It seems our president has launch yet another “Humanitarian mission” in yet another corner of the globe. This time he has ordered 100 troops to Africa to assist and advise some force in some conflict in god knows where part of the dark continent. Humanitarian or not isn’t the issue, among many there’s the issue of Mr. Obama’s almost knee jerk tendency to launch small scale fronts either in the Middle East or in this case, Africa.

Does the glass shattering sound of the economy not send a shrilling bang barreling through the ears of the president? Perhaps, maybe this latest Military rave is one of many self created October surprises the White House feels they need to win reelection, I believe that’s what this is all about. That was the motive behind Libya, ousting Mubarak, and using tough talk against Iran in light of the foiled plot by Iranian back terrorists who plotted to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador.

Some like to compare Obama to Reagan, or Obama to Harry Truman, but for me a different comparison tells the story of Mr. Obama’s first term. I’d have to say that Obama has in essence been the closet thing to a third George Bush term than anyone I’ve seen, which is ironic given the talking point of how McCain would represent a third Bush term if elected president. Not only has Obama taken advantage of every Bush policy, he’s kept I’d say 90% of the Bush doctrine pretty much in tact.

If you look at George Bush you can argue his most successful moments were all foreign policy related, same goes for Barack Obama. Obama, like Bush will go down as one of the more under appreciated commander-in-chiefs we’ve had due in large part to the opposition on the right who has to be dragged kicking and screaming to congratulate this president when he does something right, much in the same way the left refused to give George Bush credit for his successes.

However like George Bush Barack Obama will be remembered for what goes on domestically, in particular the lack of economic accomplishment and more over being president during the worst economic slow down in decades. Bush will be remembered for Iraq and the 2008 Financial Crisis, Obama will be remembered for Afghanistan and a severely stagnant economy that refused to grow and expand.

So we shouldn’t wonder why this president goes abroad in search of his next victory, he’s had so many he’s just sticking to what works. Unfortunately for him more and more Americans want domestic woes solved and an end to countless and often times unnecessary wars around the world. He didn’t see a bump for the Libyan conflict and I doubt he’ll get a momentum shifting bump should Africa turn out on a positive note, and we should all hope it does, putting partisanship aside we pray for those in that conflict.