I find it funny that we have the left going whole hog on this anti-bullying campaign in an effort to defend homosexual teens from those big bad mean hetero cavemen chauvinist future GOP candidates who make up 100% of bullies, except they don’t. In fact bullies represent all races, shapes, sizes, and genders. And no bullies aren’t just taking aim at the gay kid in Biology class.

Come to think of it, you should have tuned into a show know one watches and one I forgot still came on called “Inside Washington”. It’s hosted by some old cloud of dust and the panel boasts Charles Krauthammer and a bunch of nobodies. By the way if you ever want to witness the intelligence and sanity gap between liberals and conservatives watch Charles Krauthammer on that show as well as George Will on This Week on ABC. They suck up all the intellectual oxygen just by being in the same room as these high horse staples of left wing elitism.

But anyway back to the show, Charles wasn’t on the panel this time so I guess it was free reign. It was kind of like what happens when the head doctor leaves the psyche ward and the inmates go buck wild. You had regulars Mark Shields, Evan Thomas, and Colby King along with twisted face hag Margaret Carlson of Bloomberg. They went at governor Chris Christie’s weight and whether or not it will have a negative effect should he decide to seek the Republican nomination for president this year.

The comments rang of a poker outing between old buddies at a pool hall some where. The juvenile jabs about bathtubs and desert reminds you just how petty and cowardly the left really is. Mrs. Carlson followed up a Colby Lewis jab about breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a “Yeah an all you can eat” comment.

I don’t know what was worse the steady smears about Christie’s weight or the fact that the host, I forget his name just sat their and let them pick on the fat kid in the class. Call me a reflective person, I am because not only am I guilty of being a bully in my youth, before that I used to get bullied.

I was bullied from Kindergarten until about 6th grade and soon after that I began my own reign of terror on a friend of mine no less. He was overweight at the time and I relentlessly targeted him and took advantage of his misfortune of being obese. It wasn’t until I actually defended a kid who got picked on when I was in middle school that I realized the error of my childish ways. My circumstance came full circle and I went from the bullied, to the bully, to the defender of the bullied. Now it helps to be a six foot tall athletic practitioner of several disciplines in the martial arts, kickboxing, and western boxing, but I’m just saying my fighting skills only told half the story.

I don’t like bullies you know what I’m saying? Now I know I don’t particularly line up with Chris Christie but never would I allow myself to make fun of him or anyone else because they have weight issues or any other issues in their life. The true mark of a p*ssy is one who targets the weak. I mean I’m sure Christie could Vader bomb those dipsticks and the guy is as tough as anyone around. But this goes beyond Chris Christie, this is about how we raise real men and real leaders. Margaret Carlson isn’t a man, though she plays one on television so I’ll leave her out for a minute.

The last person to ever go at someone on the issue of weight is Mark Shields. Mark Shields looks like an overweight pug with bowel movement problems. And then you have Evan Thomas, the jerk off who looks like the type of guy who would want to have sex with his daughter’s friends. And last but not least, among these “tough” guys is Colby King. Colby King is about as reliable a porch Negro as they come.

Yes Margaret Carlson I’m going after you now. Margaret Carlson is one of the most unattractive women I’ve ever seen in my life. She’s the kind of woman that turns a straight man gay. She’s got a face for newsprint, damn a radio, the radio ain’t enough to hide her bad looks.

But in all seriousness the easy way out for the left is to attack Chris Christie’s weight because their guy Obama has to bring his opponent or possible opponents down to his level, so the media is doing it for him. They know his record is crap so they can’t then attack the record of any GOP candidate official or unofficial. Those attacks on Christie highlight a telling hatred the left has for fat people. They hate fat people because fat people represent the lazy, greed ridden, self inflicted backward existence that the left believes defines America. If we could only be like them: anal, bitter, secular, angry airheads with low self esteem and small penises.


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