Meet My Uncle Tom, He's A Democrat and He's Not Brainwashed

He’s just severely misguided b the policies of poverty, mediocrity, and low standards. To say Herman Cain’s “Brainwashed” comments on CNN the other day spells the current problem with the African American community would be to understate the understatement. The fact is most African Americans in this country vote Democrat, and do so because of years and years of being told by the Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson crowd who themselves take marching orders from the old white DNC bosses.

Who are we kidding here? Herman Cain told the truth and you notice MSNBC trotting out all the loyal black voices like Cynthia Tucker, James Peterson, and other left wing blacks to smear Mr. Cain in an effort to marginalize him. This is the most glaring example of fear I’ve ever seen in a while. You know these people believe deep down Herman Cain has a legit shot at peeling off a good chunk of the black vote should he win the nomination.

And you know it says a lot about a people when the first black president condescendingly tells you to stop complaining and stop whining, and yet you still line up behind him in lockstep because he’s a Democrat, yet a guy like Herman Cain offers some truth and a way out and you wanna call him an Uncle Tom, or in this case an Uncle Herman.

What exactly has the Democrat Party done for African Americans? I mean you have public housing, welfare, food stamps, and none of those priceless programs have increased success within the black community in terms of wealth creation and empowerment. Look, food stamps and section 8 can’t empower an entire community because that community has no incentive to think and work for themselves. The left talks about this “Southern Strategy” well Democrats created the welfare strategy which they use to remind black folk which side their bread is buttered.

I can see it now, some back room DNC meeting: “Hey uh, the black vote is tailing off a little it what do we do? “Eh, just offer them another entitlement and they’ll come back home, after all where else are they gonna go?” I’m telling you the DNC bosses, most of whom are white view black people as a voting block and nothing more. However that’s to be expected because its all about politics at the end of the day. But for black people to mindlessly support the party of slavery, the Klan, and Jefferson Davis bewilders the most aware of reasonable observers.

Just because the party ditched their whips and white hoods for food stamps and section 8 doesn’t mean they are any less appreciative of black folks and black issues than they were during the Civil Rights movement. It’s sad because not only is the black vote for sale, but the price is pretty freaking cheap. This is the downside effect of an uneducated, unmotivated, and apathetic race of people who dream small and achieve very little. Those flaws are exploited for political purpose. You have white men telling black men to fill the heads of other black men and black women in order to increase the voting black for those white men who hold all the purse strings and all the influence. I know Obama is the president and he’s a Democrat but who do you think call the shots when he ran for the nomination in the primary against Hillary Clinton?

Who do you think told Al Sharpton and NAACP to vouch for Harry Reid when Reid made that racist remark about Obama being a light skinned African American with no Negro dialect. You had all the usual suspects coming out on MSNBC lining up behind the Senate Majority leader. Now if that’s not Uncle Tom I don’t know what is.