Lewis Black Thinks We're Morons

You know I have a little saying: The difference between a dummy and a fool is the dummy can learn but the fool refuses to learn. Lewis Black says our candidates are morons because they don’t believe in man-made global warming. Now, if you look at this whole issue of global warming most conservatives agree with liberals. In fact most Americans believe in climate change or global warming. The difference is whether or not most Americans and most conservatives believe global warming is caused by the activity of the human race. I personally believe in some form of a natural occurance in the patterns of the climate and its affect on weather, the air we breathe, and the temperatur. But what I’ve always rejected as a former Geology and Meteorology major is the idea that man has a large role in the shifting points of global warming and or cooling cycles.

Mr. Black has it wrong because he purposely and perhaps unknowning merges the idea of accepting the conventional wisdom about an unproven occurance with the idea that even if it is happening man did not cause it to happen. And in so doing the left says you cannot accept global warming without first accepting man’s central role in its happening.

Liberals base their arguments around emotion and assumption. Conservatives on the other hand based every argument on history. You see history occurs in the past, the present, and the future. God used history to free the children of Israel from hard bondage. He said you know what, in Egypt they worship other gods with different names, their gods have the heads of cats and jackals with human bodies. So god figured let me get my people out of Egypt before they become conditioned to the gods of Pharaoh and no longer worship me because history will tell me based on what I’m seeing in Egypt in the present that the Hebrew slaves in Goshen will begin to warm to the gods of Egypt and worship them instead of me.

History and cause and effect go hand in hand. The myth that conservatives are backward, barefoot rednecks who lack the proper intellectual capacity to even comprehend how the stove boiled the water in the pot has long been the liberal weapon of choice. You see arguments made from an emotional point of view stirs sympathy, whereas historical perspective can be debated and according to which side you’re own hijacked and twisted.

When liberals advocate big government they do so by using emotional ploys such as poor children and the helpless elderly. They ask: “Who could be against activist government in the lives of poor children?” It’s natural for one to share sympathy for a child because children represent innocence and goodness. And whenever those virtues are in threat of compromise by some outside force we tend to react in a heroric manner.

Rick Perry took a lot of heat for his comments on global warming and I think you know the left continues to build on this alternate reality they’ve created over the last three decades. In this alternate reality man has the power to dramatically shift the cycles of the climate by driving his SUV to work everyday, health care is recognized as a universal right for everybody, jobs are recognized as a universal right, and citizens of other countries are allowed to come into the United States legally even though entering an established nation of laws and sovereignty is by definition illegal.

No, I just don’t see the whole enlightened progressive thing. Maybe its me but progressives all too often sound more regressive and progressive. But what do I know I’m just a moronic cave man conservative who believes in a space man who sent his beared hippy son to die for no reason because the space man never existed in the first place. Gosh, I should really get with the times and recognize that immorality and irrationality equal reason and intellect.