Crazy Doesn't Win?

If you read Joe Scarborough’s take, which I mean you’ll be the lone person who actually reads his profound take on the issues that concern us, but anyway if you read his Politico Op-ed he tries to make the argument that crazy and hateful can’t win in 2012 because according to his dad who he says always voted for the guy who was electable these little conflicts between conservatives and moderates usually work themselves out.

The problem with Joe and his crusty dad’s assessment is that history shows us a different result altogether. In 1996 Bob Dole, the moderate “Next guy in line” who was given the nomination by the party lost to Bill Clinton, in 1976 Gerald Ford, another moderate party guy lost to Jimmy Carter. And must we forget the less than stellar effort by moderate next guy in line John McCain who at times seemed weary of campaigning and according to his running mate Sarah Palin refused to campaign in states that were seen as locks for the Democrats, such as Michigan and Wisconsin.

Our (Conservatives) biggest beef with McCain beyond his voting record and his appeasement of Democrats was his unwillingness to fight for the presidency. Palin was the only one on that ticket who had the fire and the enthusiasm to go out there and articulate a message. Though in an effort to save face McCain supporters like Joe Scarborough and other RINOS blame Palin for McCain’s defeat.

No Joe, history tells us mushy, confused, and no nu sack can’t win because the non nut sack and mushy moderates have no platform other than their all too willing behavior toward their opponents. Moderates by nature are punks. They don’t stand up for what they believe in because they don’t believe in anything. They have no balls, no spirit, and no heart.

What Joe is really trying to get across is this idea that conservatives can’t win. You see he takes the word “conservative” and replaces it with the words “crazy” and “hateful”. He lumps Rick Perry, Sarah Palin, Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann, and other true blue conservatives in the cage of crazy while bestowing the honor of “electable” on the shoulders of Romney, Huntsman, and Chris Christie. Although its funny, if John Huntsman is so electable why is he sitting at 2.5% in the polls? Why hasn’t he taken off despite the endorsement of the Morning Joe and his lapdog Mika?

He downplays the influence of Palin, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity because he knows how much influence they hold within a movement and a Party he at one time desired to hold influence in. Joe is an outcast because he decided to kiss liberal butt and chastise conservatives. Joe has a lot of resentment toward the talk show conservatives. I guess he tried to reach out to them at some point int he pass and they always snubbed him, who knows.

But you’ve seen this effort to downgrade their influence because I believe he has a vendetta against them. Sarah Palin isn’t crazy or hateful, Rick Perry isn’t far right. Look at Perry’s immigration policy and his stance on the issue altogether and you tell me if that’s a “far-right” position. This may sound a little nuts and I’m not a conspiracy theory guy but I think a lot of moderates inside the Beltway like Joe Scarborough want Obama to win so they can have an “I Told You So” moment. They want so badly to discredit a movement they at one time were apart of. What the heck happened? It sure as hell weren’t conservatives or the Tea Party that did anything wrong.