Ann Coulter and the Backstage GOP Groupies Looking to Hook Up with Chris Christie

You know, can someone please answer this one question for me: What do people like Ann Coulter and Bill Kristol see in Chris Christie that I don’t see? Is it the tough talk because I gotta tell ya there are plenty of Republican Senators, Governors, and Congressmen out there who talk just as tough if not tougher than Chris Christie. His groupies act as though no other Republican on this earth can talk tough to unions and take on the big time left wing machine where ever they may roam.

I’m not a Christie hater, I’m a Christie skeptic. I’m a skeptic because I know hype when I see it and quite frankly this Christie hype is just that, hype. The man barely has a record, he’s in the middle of his first term in his first year as governor and yet, despite having less experience than Palin, Bachman, and other so called “unelectable” names out there the establishment deems too weak to beat Barack Obama in 2012.

You know this is want causes so much dislike for the old Washington crusty counsel who still, despite the rise of the Tea Party are trying to decide for us who our nominee will be. Look, all you staples of the beltway, the ones who attended George Will’s house for pork chops with Barack Obama when Obama took office in 2009, the annoying know it all elites who thumb their noses at the likes of Sharon Angle and Christine O’Donnell, we don’t want your candidate, and we don’t want your input. Let the people decide the nominee and take your thoughts and cram them up your a**es, cool?

Chris Christie has no record, has no big legislative accomplishment to hang his hat on as governor, and more important Chris Christie comes off as an arrogant fat a**. I mean you know again I’m not a Christie hater but if it were a choice between Romney and Christie I gotta go Mitt Romney. Look I’m realer than Real Deal Holyfield but you can’t run on tough talk. You can’t run on a”Hey I got mad at a woman who asked me where my kids go to school” or, “I talk tough to teachers’ unions”.

Christie is nothing but a Morning Joe creation who got propped up by Scarborough and his lapdog Mika during Christie’s gubernatorial run in 2010. It’s funny how the establishment isn’t trying to recruit Bobby Jindal or Bob McDonnell to run yet both have better records than Chris Christie. And I believe it has something to do with the fact that a lot of the GOP establishment comes from Washington and Manhattan. They want a Northeast good ole boy who can restore their power and influence in Washington. Remember the establishment Republicans resent the rise of the Tea Party because along with defeating Democrats in 2010 the Tea Party also quelled a lot of the long standing power of the Republican stat quo that seemed untouchable post-Reagan.

I don’t want the establishment telling me who to vote for just because they have wet dreams about a candidate. My hard-ons come from looking at attractive girls, yours come from the idea of Christie running for president. This attempt to stifle the rising tide of conservatism will snatch victory from the Republicans if we as voters and Tea Party members don’t go out there and put these tired old establishment farts back in their place the way they’re trying to put us back in our place.

But I have this final message for the GOP high counsel inside the hollowed halls of the Beltway and the high rises in Manhattan: F**k you and your candidate.

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