Wow, Just Wow

I gotta tell ya my jaw darn near hit the table when I noticed a little nugget on Townhall’s website. According to a new Marist poll (Go Red Foxes!) Sarah Palin, yes every liberals favorite punching bag for the past three years now trails Mr. Obama by just five points. Yes, let me give you some time to pinch your own a** and slap your granny before I call you Susie, Sarah Palin according to the numbers not only trails by five but she somehow wiped away what had been a sizable gap between her and the president for quite some time. And get this, Palin’s five point gap can be traced to her leading the president among Independent voters. Now remember when the media said Palin’s biggest problem was Independent voters? They said she could never run in a general because the middle would reject her because they wouldn’t take her serious? Well apparently they do now.

The poll also states that Palin has a smaller lead head to head with Obama than Perry who trails by 9 points and Bachman who trails by 13 points. I gotta tell you for someone who is so irrelevant, so dumb, slutty, black snake loving (allegedly) self obsessed, money hungry, venomous know-nothing, who will never be president, she’s like a man smoking at a gas station, she’s about to blow up. However this might be a snapshot poll but I mean she was down 20 points all year and suddenly to quote Donald Trump, “Boom”.

I’m interested in what you guys think about this. I mean personally I was floored given the tabloid anchor around this woman’s neck through no fault of her own. I thought she couldn’t run because where ever she goes vicious lies and smears follow her like a fricking lamb bro. I had to check the calendar to make sure it read September 21st and not April 1st. Wow man, fricking Palin bro, right fricking on. I can’t help but to root for the underdog I’m sorry.

I believe it was Willy Brown former mayor of San Francisco who said if there was anyone who could withstand a general election and have an outside shot at beating Barack Obama it was Palin given her three year trial by fire from the media and Hollywood. She’s battle tested son, fricking battle tested. You can’t make that sh*t up ya know? Romney can’t recreate the lash and the broken bones of getting your a** pounded day in and day out. She’s like a Mexican fighter bro because she gets her a*ss stomped but keeps coming forward. She willing to take a thousand shots just to get that one knockout punch. Romney ain’t willing to get stormed because he got no chin.  I like Bachman, Romney, and Perry for different reasons and I would gladly support any of those three, but if Palin jumps in the race and she’s competitive with Obama dude I’m in her corner.

Obama/Palin is like the Mayweather v Pacquiao of presidential campaigns should she get in and win the nomination. It’s like, the two most popular and recognizable stars in their respective party in god knows how long. I mean really Palin and Obama are the faces of their party and if they went head to head I mean in fight terms that would break all kinds of PPV buys and set mad attendance records. This is the super fight we all want to see.