New Book Confirms What I Suspected All Along: Sarah Palin is Easy

Yes, Sarah Palin, former governor of Alaska and one time VP hopeful for John McCain three years, the same Sarah Palin who currently rides around on a giant bus bearing her name to different speaking gigs when she’s not giving her take on issues as a contributor on Fox News. Yes, the same Sarah Palin who touts her Christian beliefs and values yet seems to fall into the same conflicted bout with everyday family and personal choices not unlike most red blooded American family Christian or secular, yes that Sarah Palin.

Sarah, you’re such an easy time my girl. Yes, it’s so easy to attack you and call you sexually explicit names, make a porno spoof about you titled “Who’s Nailin Palin?”. It’s easy to kick you while you’re down, laugh at your misfortune, and wish nothing but harm and despair on you and you’re family. And you know why Sarah? Do you really want to know why so many people hate your very existence? Let me tell you: You represent everything that we hate because what we represent is everything that is wrong with our culture and society in America today.

You’re not a scantily clad heiress carousing around Hollywood at night with your heir and heiress friends getting drunk and laying down with the first Johnny Slick you tongue down at the Viper Room. You’re not a venom spitting, steel toe boot wearing feminist who fosters envy for all the cheerleaders she went to high school with in whatever small town she grew up in before ditching the sticks for LA or New York. You’re not some secular moral relativist who dines with Bill Maher and other Hollywood types as they sit in the toil and piss of their own self loathing. You don’t frequent the Hollywood parties and award events, you’re not one of the ladies of the View, nor do you fit the mold of a compromising and appeasing RINO, a role filled by blonde empty bottle Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

You know in all serious what man goes after a woman in such a way as Joe McGuinness? He told Piers Morgan he was tired of Mrs. Palin yet he obsessively stuck his nose in her personal life and that of her family from a balcony next door. You see if I’m tired of someone I won’t move in next door to them because well that defeats the purpose of me being tired of that person. But with Joe its not weariness that fuels his hatred for Mrs. Palin but an almost demonic desire to end her as we know it. He wants so badly to destroy the Palin family he’s willing to risk what rep he had by writing a book filled with unverified anonymous source material that would make every gossip rag around held in such esteem as Encyclopedia Britannica and the Holy Bible.

Mr. McGuinness isn’t a real man, because this isn’t what real men do. Real men are taught to protect the honor of a woman, not smear it. Real men are taught by their fathers to defend women with words or fists, if need be. God bless Todd Palin for keeping a cool head and a poker face because if Sarah were my wife, and Piper, Bristol, Track, Willow, and Trig my pups, I would beat Joe McGuinness’ a**, just keeping it real. I mean I know in the political world its frowned upon to say what you mean and tell the truth but I’m from the hood, not the beltway.

Freedom of speech aside why do so many people get away with writing such smut about someone they don’t know on a personal level? Have you noticed the attacks on Palin and her family come from people who either don’t know her on a personal level nor have they even attempted to sit down and speak with her for an interview? These people hide behind their decades in Washington, they editorial and journalist credentials at the New York Times and Washington Post. They hide behind Republicans like Joe Scarborough and Kathleen Parker who partake in Palin sniping from their mushy high horse. The no balls metro sexual John Avalon who takes shot at Palin. By the way have you ever seen such a little feminine acting half a man in your life? I was surprise to find out he doesn’t take it up the butt every night, you know the Centrist approach.

And no Erick Erickson I’m not a Palin kook who will defend her no matter what based on her cult of personality. I’ve been critical of her and often doubt her electability should she run this year. But I’m proud to say that I would defend her or any other woman against these crusty, arrogant, Washington infected, beltway butt buddy having, pukes who call themselves men. No man would ever talk about a woman or write a book about a women in a way that destroys her character and her family. Women gossip about women, men do not.