Bill Clinton: The Ultimate "System Quarterback"

The longest running political myth among liberals in America is the Bill Clinton myth. The myth suggests that no one could do it like Bill, he was the last great president we had and that his star rose in the post-Reagan era due to his political intelligence and his uncanny awareness of the mood and heartstrings of electorate. We see Mr. Clinton around every corner it seems because he’s constantly summoned for political and economic advice by liberals in the media. He is to the left what Yoda was in Star Wars. He’s this old wise Jedi who produced on of the most prosperous and most successful presidencies in history.

However being a football fan I must rely on what I know. There’s no doubt in my mind at least that Bill Clinton is top five most overrated presidents in American history. If you look at his record pre and post-Republican midterm success in 1994 the numbers don’t add up to the hype and circumstance that defines the Clinton years in the eyes of liberals everywhere.

Bill Clinton is a system quarterback. Let me explain the term to those of you who do not know what it means to be a system quarterback. A system quarterback whether they be in college or the NFL is a quarterback who enjoys success based on the offensive system designed by the coaches and the talent placed around him to sustain that success. Most system quarterbacks lack the skill of a quarterback who has to rely on his own skill for whatever reason. Most non-system quarterbacks have a better chance at success in the NFL, also most non-system quarterbacks are more prepared for the NFL. I’m not saying Bill Clinton was a bad president, I’m simply saying he was overrated.

He benefited from a great offensive line in the Republicans in Congress, he had a great coach and offensive coordinator in Newt Gingrich, he had great receivers and a great running back. Looking back I think of Timmy Chang and Colt Brennan who shined at the University of Hawaii yet failed at the pro level because they were system quarterbacks. Tim Tebow is the best example of a quarterback who looked better under his college system than his talents display outside the Florida Gators football program. Remember, he had problems taking the snap from under center because in college the system designed for him utilized what he could do instead of fixing what he had problems with.

You take the Republicans out of Congress and replace them with the Democrats does Bill Clinton get Welfare Reform? Without the Republicans does Bill Clinton move to the center and win reelection against Bob Dole in 1996? Without the Republican Congress does Bill Clinton have a balanced budget to hang his hat on?

You be the judge, is he a naturally gifted passer who made his team better or was he a system quarterback whose talents were exaggerated by the pieces around him and the coaches on the sidelines?