A Tale of Two Candidates: Safety vs Energy

Disclaimer: I’m not anti-Rick Perry nor do I enjoy ties to the Bush family, and this isn’t Karl Rove.

Okay, so you know I’m torn when it comes to all things Rick Perry. While I believe him to be a more sincere Conservative and generally more sincere in his political decisions than George Bush, in other words I don’t think Rick Perry would have implemented the TARP program. That being said you know some days I like Perry and would prefer him as an alternative to Romney. But sometimes I doubt whether or not he’ll be able t avoid the current and inevitable media onslaught Sarah Palin suffered in 2008. There’s no doubting the lasting effects that media nuclear barrage had on Palin and her political prospects for 2012 and 2016.

In some ways Perry is like a male version of the former governor of Alaska with a more years of executive experience under his belt and less national recognition.So I question whether or not Perry will suffer the same fate: A promising outsider whose political potential was cut down by a hostile and adversarial national press while self inflicted gaffes and trip ups often took a toll on what might have been.

Rick Perry is the hot quarterback at the big time University who in his senior year lit up the conference and lead his team the national title, yet many scouts worry if he’s special or if he’ll end up like another once highly touted quarterback (Sarah Palin) who dazzled scouts in college yet struggled to adapt to the system of the pros.

With Romney you have the traditional quarterback. You know plays for the big time program like a USC, he’s got the size, the arm, and he’s very intelligent. He seems like the logical pick if you’re a safe franchise looking to draft someone who’s ready to play on week one. But, with all his safe qualities many scouts question his heart. When it goes down to the wire and you need someone to rally the sideline will Romney stand up and bark or will he be one of those on the sideline needing a talking to from a leader on the team? Can Mitt Romney not be Romney without trying to be Rick Perry? Will he reform his pocket passing style without trying to revamp it into a Rick Perry running style. We all know Romney won’t dazzle but he wins games and he has the lasting talent, but Perry puts butts in the seats and he can create plays out of thin air.

It’s a tale of two candidates: Safety vs Energy, the heart versus what your head is trying to get across to you. I never vote with my heart and I’ve always told people to never let the heart choose their candidate, after all that’s how we got Obama and Palin. Both were prime examples of the flashy exciting quarterbacks who amazed college fans but failed to translate their talent at the pro level because their flaws and inexperience were exposed.

With Romney his natural talent as a pure passer to keep with the football analogy would make the team better, whereas with Rick Perry how much of his success in college can be traced back to his play versus the talent around him. For you college football fans like myself how many quarterbacks did we see in college who looked awesome but in the NFL they looked bad because they didn’t have the talent to make up for their own liabilities.  A few names come to mind: Jamarcus Russell, Tony Pike, Zac Robinson, Ken Dorsey, Eric Crouch, among a host of others. Although you have others like Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy, Blaine Gabbert who actually have the talent to succeed in the NFL despite having a lot of weapons around them in college.

So the question I have to answer in the coming months leading to 2012 is this: Do I want Mitt Romney who is the Peyton Manning of the two, or do I want Perry who plays the role of Michael Vick?

Honestly I wish a late rounder would make themselves known so I could have a Ben Rothlisburger or a Tom Brady. Someone who fell to later rounds but exceeded expectations once they finally got their opportunity to be the starter. And no I’m not a Chris Christie fanatic because quite frankly I think Christie is more along the lines of a one year starter in college who didn’t play four years because people were telling him he needs to enter the draft because he’s the best college prospect they’ve ever seen. Of course they said that about Jamarcus Russell remember? Mel Kiper Jr. said Jamarcus was a can’t miss player. Yeah, I wonder how many Oakland Raider employees lost their job over the Jamarcus Russell pick in 07.

I just think Christie is one of those flash in the pan over hyped prospects who fizzle when they hit the pros. I mean he’s from New Jersey and he talks tough to unions, so does the mob, and I’m not seeing any groundswell support for any member of the DeCavalcante family by the likes of Ann Coulter and Bill Kristol.