College Professors Think You're Racist Religious Types Who Hate Immigrants and Want to Implant Religous Law Into Our Secular Constitutional Republic

Just to tell you know. I gotta tell you this widespread offensive against the Tea Party and in particular newly announced presidential candidate Rick Perry led by MSNBC and followed by their media  friends is not only sad but it must say a lot or very little about their integrity. First off I think it’s safe to say that the era of serious journalism is over. I know Sean Hannity proclaimed the demise of journalism three years ago but it almost seems like a waking talking corpse at this point.

Sarah Palin was right when she said conservatives and Republicans can no longer trust the mainstream media. The failures of Mr. Obama have caused an instinctive rapid fire response to his “enemies”. Furthermore if regular everyday citizens who call themselves Tea Partiers are consider enemies of the president by the media, that is a whole nother scary situation right there.

According to these professors from Harvard and Notre Dame Tea Party members are highly combative, angry, white partisans who despise immigrants, desire a Christian theocracy, hate Mr. Obama, and have what Notre Dame professor David Campbell described as a “cool” attitude toward African Americans. Cool I guess meaning Tea Party folks don’t really like brothers and would rather brothers go away and stop trying to sleep with their irresistible innocent white daughters.

So I’m watching this guy Campbell on Chris Matthews’ show along with liberal airhead and dramam queen Joan Walsh talk about how when asked about their feelings toward black folks those who showed a “coolness” toward them were more likely to be Tea Party members. So I guess Tim Scott of South Carolina, Alan West of Florida, Marco Rubio, Brian Sandoval, Susana Martinez, and other black and Hispanic politicians elected to the governors office or the House and Senate don’t count as real black and Hispanic people right? I mean Tim Scott and Alan West are Uncle Toms who suffer from Stockholm Syndrome. They don’t know any better because they’re blinded by the hatred of their own blackness right? And Susana Martinez, Marco Rubio, and Brian Sandoval are three Uncle Tomas and Aunt Tomitas who deny their Hispanic roots?

You know the left is systematically trying to salvage their grand plan to implement every progressive wet dream imagined for the past 35 years. As they witness the progressive foundation crumble before their very eyes they lash out at those who they feel “derailed the dream”. And white guys between the age of 45-65 are easy targets because most white guys between the age of 45-65 just want to be left alone to their golf, the constant washing of their cars, and always needing to start a home improvement project of some sort. If I offended anyone with those comments I’m sorry, but most of the white guys in my neighborhood fit that description. I mean they’re nice guys and they just want to be left alone washing their cars and using a saw for something.

You know what’s weirder than minorities being racist toward their own race? When white guys are racist toward other white guys. You have these milk toast bland generic Northeastern white guys like Howard Fineman and Chris Matthews, Keith Olberman and Ed Schultz who for some odd reason hate guys who belong to the same race and look eerily similar to them.

When Chris Matthews levels attacks at Rick Perry and other Republicans he’s really attacking his own race and himself. Matthews like many white generic liberal men between the age 45-65 hate themselves because of what white people did to blacks and Native Americans in the past. He can’t get over how much it sucks to be white, according to him. He enjoys all the things that benefit him because of his whiteness but he hates his whiteness, does that make sense to you?

It’s the weird alternate reality the left lives in where normal is wrong and abnormal must be right because its the opposite of normal. And in the alternate universe of the left normal means you go to church, live your Christian values, have a lot of kids and are pro-life, love Capitalism, are conservative. Everything opposite of that is abnormal, which to the liberal is correct and how we should all live while denying and burying the traditions of the past. You see to them tradition is code for racism, Jim Crowe, segregation, slavery, and the oppression of those who have a different shade to their skin.

Why do you think they reticule the Tea Party movement by saying they’re a bunch of far right loonies who desire the traditions of the past. And they use that word tradition as a means to suggest that Tea Party members want to gather all minorities into one big group and lock them away so that they never experience freedom, civil rights, opportunity, and liberty ever again. After all most Tea Party folks don’t agree with the Civil Rights laws that came from the Civil Rights Movement. At least that’s what two professors from Harvard and Notre Dame said.