As Oppose Too...?

The Democrats are gearing up for some heavy duty preemptive attacks on Rick Perry and the other GOP presidential candidates. As expected by everyone and their momma the DNC and the president’s strategists are trying to drum up scrutiny on the ecnomic record of Rick Perry, Tim Pawlenty, John Huntsman, and Mitt Romney, the three high profile current and former governors running for president.

According to David Axelrod and echoed by bulldog faced attack dog Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the record of Perry especially warrants more skepticism when it comes to how successful he was as chief executive in the state of Texas. We’re also seeing a roll out of every left wing enemy Perry has made during his long run in the Texas political arena.

I suppose this argument of theirs would be legit if only their guy, meaning the president had a praise worthy record when it comes to economic issues and job creation. Fact is, you can’t simply attack someone’s record when your own is so craptastically bad.

I mean, it’s under Mr. Obama where we saw record numbers of homes drown under water leaving many out on the street. It was under the president that a record 45 million people are now on food stamps. It’s under the president where we have 13 million people out of work and an unemployment rate sitting steady at 9.1%. And must I mention the downgrade and stocks falling like a fat lady on a park bench?

It’ll be hard for Democrats to portray this administration and this president as the “right choice” on economic matters when the facts draw up a different conclusion. So what if Rick Perry’s record as governor is not as flawless as we were lead to believe by his friends in Texas. I mean, at this point the country would take flawless over nonexistent any day.

This whole thing is routine whenever a new candidate gets into a political race so it’s not really a big deal. I guess I’m just kind of confused because basically all the president’s men, and DNC chairwoman who looks like a man are saying “My guy sucks at sports, but so does this guy and that guys over there.” What kind of positive message is that to run on for reelection? Pick me because I suck less? And what’s worse, you don’t suck less, you suck more.