Root for the President Or the Country Loses

According to Joe Scarborough if you’re not rooting for the president like he is then you’re rooting for the country to slip further and further into economic decline. On his morning show the former irrelevant Congressman turned irrelevant talk show host took a jab at Rush Limbaugh saying quote, “I’m rooting for the president, we’re all rooting for the president and if Rush Limbaugh continues to root against him then he’s rooting for this country’s decline and the decline of his stocks” So let me get this straight, according to Joe Scarborough if you happen to disagree with the president and his policies thus far, you’re rooting against the country? So you can’t root for someone else to become president in 2013 who can perhaps do a better job, you have to root for or against Barack Obama?

Ever since Mr. Obama came on the scene Joe Scarborough and his ilk have gone out of their way to represent the “Responsible Republicans” who often kiss up to the liberal elite at the expense of their party and their supposed conservative principles. Just because you disagree with the president and I don’t know prefer a different president than the one we currently have doesn’t mean you want the country to fail. That’s the point in fact, you want a different leader at the helm because you believe the current one is causing the country to fail. Get it Joe?

Now Rush may have harsh words for the president but to equate his strong disagreement with somehow rooting for America’s downfall flies in the face of the very definition of the word “criticism”. You criticize someone when they aren’t doing something right, sometimes that critique helps them correct their mistakes and sometimes you have to change it up and get someone in their who can get the job done.

So far in his three years the president hasn’t been able to right the ship left careening down the straits by his predecessor. I’ll grant him the excuse of unfortunate inheritance but the task also falls on the president to lead the country out of the tunnel, not have us walking backwards deeper into the dark.

Whereas I used to come down pretty strong on this president I pray for him and offer that with my deepest sympathy because he dimply has no idea what he’s doing. You cannot, as Joe and his cronies over at MSNBC are pleading, you cannot ask of a non leader to suddenly lead the troops into battle. The media and the left threw that word around like noodles to the wall hoping it would stick to Mr. Obama. Sadly you can’t fit a round wooden cylinder into a square peg.

So no Joe, disagreeing with the president cannot be taken as someone rooting for America’s downfall. The problem is the media and the left have yet to catch up with the rest of the country in regards to President Obama. The country has pretty much concluded that he’s not up to the task and was never really qualified. If only the left would come to terms with that reality. You almost hear it fall from the lips of people in the media but they don’t quite say it. You can see it on their faces but it’s like their hearts and the invested emotion they have in Mr. Obama won’t allow them to speak the obvious.

I pray for my president but I do so knowing he’s a fish out of water with nowhere left to swim.