The Terrorists Won

You guys remember when George Bush coined the phrase “Or the terrorists win”? Remember that? He said that in the context of post-911 American life and how each and every American should carry on with their daily routines all the while never forgetting those who perished on that tragic day, and if we revert to this fearful stance the terrorists win because they would have succeeded in dealing a great spiritual and psychological blow to the American people.

Of course life as we all know it according to our own personal lives went back to normal and Al-Qaeda today is far more vulnerable and less of a major domestic threat than they were when we were first starting to learn about them ten years ago. That being said:

The American version of Al-Qaeda who go by the code name : TEA PARTY, which stands for “Terrorists, Extremists Anti-American Pyromaniacs Assailants Racists  Tyrants and Yahoos” have accomplished what no foreign terrorist organization could: The TEA PARTY successfully held the president hostage in a room with an automatic weapon to his chest, demanded that he turn over the US economy along with the country itself in exchange for nothing. And you know what? The man actually did it. Well at least he escaped with his life and that’s all that matters to Chris Matthews.

But seriously folks you know, remember when you were kids and you and your brothers or sisters played games and you got owned or you owned them? And life this bitterness set in and excuses followed, then came name calling and petty back and forth? That’s called being a sore loser and its one of the most raw feelings we experience as human beings. No matter how much the left would tell you otherwise, truth is they’re just as competitive as they claim conservatives to be.

They don’t really believe in that “There are no winners or losers” hold hands and sing nonsense, and you can tell by the way they’re carrying on right now. They’re all pissed because Obama got owned, no wait, Obama got friggin’ pwned, and they can’t stand it. Now was the deal good? No it wasn’t, but the fact that after all his lies and exaggerations and press conferences, after the poll numbers and the media parroting his every smear like the good little Pravda clones that they are, the man blinked. He’s the boxer who talked so much crap leading up to the fight and found himself on the canvas taking a ten count in the first round. What we learned about Obama despite the deal being weak was that when you confront him with real power the man has no chin.

So let them continue to call you terrorists and hostage takers because it makes them sound irrational. I mean they’re trying to make you sound crazy by sounding crazy. You know, I still feel like the man on the mountain top looking down at the village while it burn to the ground. I see all these emotional people losing it on over pre-recorded television and rather than annoy me or humor me it actually makes me feel sorry for them.

I mean Al Sharpton’s new show on MSNBC is basically bringing on Republican strategists and conservatives and lecturing them in a loud tone of voice. So basically he’s the African American 6pm version of Chris Matthews.

Anyway, just don’t take it personal my Tea Party friends because though the word “terrorist” might offend you, you must understand the context in which it came from when leaving the mouth of jackasses. They’re mad at you because you pwned them. You pwned them like I pwn noobs on Xbox Live.