Bitterness, Anger, and Denial: Signs You're An Obama Supporter

It must suck balls knowing the guy you supported for president sucks at the job of president. For all those overrated snobs in Hollywood who shelled out millions, made crappy campaign commercials, and showed up to all his debates, I bet they must feel pretty stupid for supporting President Obama in 2008. Well, maybe not, you see because they have Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann to kick around. Mrs. Palin and Congresswoman Bachmann serve as go to foils for the left and allow them to vent when in reality the one they want to beat over the head is the guy occupying the White House.

Sure there are some out there with sincere beef with the president and as crazy as they sound…and are at least they have legitimate concerns when it comes to the president’s knee jerk tendency to throw his own base under the bus when he feels political gunfire zooming past his head. The left shouldn’t feel too bad however, he does that to everybody. People like Michael Moore and Tim Robbins are annoying losers but they’re annoying losers who are true progressive believers. But there are many in Hollywood who simply jumped on the bandwagon in 2008 just as they jumped on the bandwagon in 2004 when they dawned “Kerry ’04” t-shirts.

But with Palin and Bachmann, and Palin specifically you have the fall guy for bitterness, frustration (political and sexual), and denial. George Lopez joked last night on CNN when asked by Pierce Morgan on what he thought about a Palin presidency, Lopez joked that every Latino would go back to Mexico and he would move to Canada. The running line inside the liberal fart bubble is that Palin is dumb, a know nothing, and would make for the worst president in history, while Obama is the smartest guy to ever walk the earth, his family is perfect, and he’s a once in a lifetime leader. But what if the reverse were true? What if in fact Palin had the proven record of leadership, effectiveness, decisiveness, and accomplishment as a chief executive while Obama remained trapped inside a whirlwind of his own incompetence?

If the Palin email dump told us anything it was that Sarah Palin’s tenure as chief executive of the state of Alaska was as successful as it was short. The left can no longer argue whether or not Palin was a good governor because the emails proved that she was. Instead they increase their personal attacks in an attempt to marginalize her, which is weird because if she’s so dumb and so inadequate as a human being then why the constant focus on such a supposedly inept person?

George Lopez’ comments further prove the level of anger and bitterness plaguing the left right now. The guy they invested so much of their time, money, and spiritual devotion is turning out to be the exact opposite of what they said he was. He’s not the smart, charming, reasonable accomplished outsider who could part the sea and unite nations around the world with the sound of his voice. He’s on track to becoming the fourth worst president in modern history behind George Bush, Richard Nixon, and Jimmy Carter. The man they said was intelligent and so much more enlightened than the rest of us has a record of 9.2& unemployment, 14 trillion dollars in debt, 40 million people on food stamps, record foreclosures, stagnant wages, 16% real under and unemployment, 16% unemployment in the African American community, and 8 million jobs lost compared to 2 million created in two years.

That’s nothing to hang your hat on if you’re a liberal, couple that with the times Obama threw his progressive base under the political bus and heck, liberals have a right to be pissed off and disgruntled if you ask me.

But what really riles the left is the fact that Palin and Bachmann both prove to be more successful at their respective political en devours than Obama. Bachmann of course is a veteran in the US House of Representatives and before that she was a successful tax lawyer and small business owner with her husband. Palin of course was governor of Alaska, mayor of Wasilla, and member of the oil and gas commission. She also has a successful fishing company with her husband Todd.

So the next time you hear the pasty Bill Maher or the orange and big head of George Lopez making crude tired  jokes about Palin and Bachmann just shrug it off as as nothing more than a way for them to vent their disappointment and frustration over the fact that Barack Obama is failing at the very job they said he was perfect for and Palin and Bachmann would suck at. There’s nothing they can say anymore because Obama’s record is sh*tty. This reminds me of when conservatives had to wrestle and eventually come to the realization that George Bush was doing a horrible job in his second term. A lot of Republicans had to accept a lot of things during that time and they turned out okay. Odds are the left won’t be so willing to accept Obama’s shortcomings as president when he gets defeated in 2012.