Allen West Accused of Sexual Harassment for Wasser-Man Schutlz Email

Slow to anger Matt, remember you’re a Christian. Okay here we go, so I’m not going to write a long post on this because honestly the more I talk about it the more angry I become. This is absolutely one hundred percent despicable and I can tell you right now this moves the likelihood of me running for Congress in 2013 closer and closer to becoming a reality.

I don’t know Allen West, but I know the story on this whole beef between Mr. West and Mrs. Wasserman-Schultz and I can tell you Allen West did not commit sexual harassment. First of all its not sexual harassment if you’re responding to someone after they provoked the conflict. Secondly, it only qualifies as sexual harassment if there’s a history of the harasser initiating said harassment. In other words if Allen West were targeting DNC chair Wasserman-Schultz based on her yuck….appreance and or if he was….double yuck attracted to her sexually, then that can be grounds for a sexual harassment charge.

What Allen West did was defend his honor and defend himself from a jab from the DNC chairwoman during a speech she gave on the floor of the House. Now you have these Democrat Congresswomen coming out trying to paint Wasserman-Schultz, the instigator in all this as the victim. UNFUC….keep it cool Matty boy.

You know what, I believe this is a response to Republican Congresswomen and their effort to grow the influence of the GOP when it comes to the women vote in America. I think the leaders in the Democrat Party sent their orders to these attack dogs in pants suits and now they’re trying to use Allen West as a target in order to hold on to what they have long believed to be their go to voting cache. Long gone are the days when women were reliable Democrat votes, and the D’s know that day is fading fast.

I think Allen West is handling this bull with class and quite frankly if that were me, boy I tell I’d be dropping f-bombs like Hiroshima and Nagasaki boy. When you piss me off I take no prisoners and I spare no gender with my rage.  Congressman West is a better man than I, he’s also an older man than I. I’m a young buck with a lot of growing left to do mentally.

Surely this baseless charge will not stand or a great injustice will have foiled the bright young Congressional career of a truly great and honorable man. I pray Allen West isn’t unfairly drugged through the mud and marked by women’s groups and the Democrats as something he clearly is not.

But I have a question to ask those Democrat Congresswomen who accuse Mr. West of sexual harassment. Was it sexual harassment when President Obama referred to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz as quote, “hot”? Was that sexual harassment? President Obama actually said with his own mouth that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was hot. Now, she has a nice body and can really wear a dress but I wouldn’t say she’s hot. I’d say more unattractive with a nice body and a nice butt. But hot is a stretch.

Now let’s compare Allen West with Barack Obama: Obama said she was hot, Allen West called her vile and unprofessional. Now, which sounds more along the lines of what a known harasser would say? I’m not accusing the president of sexual harassment, I’m merely making a point.

Think about it, what sounds more like what a sexual harasser would say?

“Oh yeah you look hot.” or

“Oh yeah look at you looking all unprofessional and vile, oh yeah baby.”


You be the judge, I’m getting a soda.

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