The Party of Reagan Is Dead

So say the Democrats and their compliant pole smoking friends in the media. They appeal to the reason of the old GOP, so they say by running ads that try to use the words of Reagan as a ploy to condemn the party, get this, the party in which Reagan is the central figure of its principles and the enduring symbol of its foundation. Pretty clever eh?

You know its funny, two fold, Democrats love Reagan when trying to turn Obama into Reagan and they really love Reagan when trying to argue for higher taxes and more spending. The talking points consist of Democrats and liberals telling us “Well Reagan raised taxes as governor and as president” or, “Reagan left the largest deficit in history”, and my personal favorite, “Reagan and Tip O’Neil were best friends to the end. They used to have a beer after a hard fight over legislation.” And when all else fails they drop this old line on us, “Reagan would be too liberal for today’s Republican Party”.

I mean you all heard that before right? They use Reagan, a man they absolutely despised as a club to pressure Republicans to cave on their principles. Let me tell you I was never one to kneel at the alter of Ronald Reagan, and he wasn’t the reason why I became a conservative, but Reagan never caved on principle. The man who gave that famous speech on behalf of Barry Goldwater in 1964 was the same man who would occupy the White House in 1981.

So the new tactic in this debt ceiling debate is to ask Republicans: “What happened to the party of Ronald Reagan?” Well I have a question for Democrats, “What happened to the party of JFK?”

You know, John Kennedy the tax cutter. The one who not only presided over  one of the largest expansions of the Military during peacetime but also supported the war in Vietnam, not to mention his strident anti-communism and business friendly economic approach. What would JFK say about the Democrat Party of today? What would JFK think of those who donate millions and billions to the Party? Such figures as George Soros, the billionaire Marxist who made his earn from devaluing currency. What would JFK think of Barack Obama at one time appointing a self described communist in Van Jones to his cabinet? When I tell you JFK was anti-communist I mean the man hated communism. Would he appoint a communist to his cabinet? I think not.

There are more Marxists and communists who call themselves Democrats or who vote Democrat than there are members of the Klu Klux Klan and Neo Nazi movement who call themselves Republicans and or vote Republican. For all this talk about how the moderates left the Republican Party I seem to remember Democrats threatening any so called Blue Dog who displayed an inkling of opposition to Obamacare two and a half years ago. Bart Stupak and Blanche Lincoln were the two most famous Blue Dogs because Democrats threatened them with primary challenges from the left had they not voted in favor of Obamacare, which both Lincoln and Stupak ultimately did.

It’s those so called moderates like Jim Webb who claim to be moderate and yet they vote straight party line. Webb got so confused on who he was he announced his retirement next year. Mark Warner is another guy who talks about being a moderate yet he never met a party line liberal vote he didn’t like. The difference between our moderates and their so called moderates is our moderates vote against the base and their moderates only talk about voting against the base.

It’s like moderate Democrats are the guy in the gym who claims to be a boxer yet he’s too afraid to get in the ring because he can’t take a punch. In the words of Donald Trump they’re all talk, they’re all talk.

My party isn’t too far right, we’re realizing our principles and actually standing on them. I know that comes to the shock of a party who would sell their principles for a dildo, a copy of  ‘Lisa Anne: MILF’s Like It Big’, and a box of honey buns. We’re not like Democrats and that’s a good thing.

George Will said we have two political parties for a reason. And he’s right, one party believes in baseless compromise, spending money we don’t have, growing government, less freedom, and idol worship. The other believes in the constitution, capitalism, individualism, independent thought, the almighty, fiscal responsibility, and the enduring spirit of American exceptionalism.

If that defines the right wing conservative, I for one am proud to be a right wing conservative tea partying extremist with a gun and dawning fatigues with a dead deer in the bed of my pick up truck.